traveling light

traveling light

As always in life, focussing on the essential is the key. This time, featuring:

  • headphones – AKG K 240 DF cans
  • eye wear – shades by Ermenegildo Zegna
  • camera lense – vintage Leitz Summarit 1:1.5, 50mm

I’ve really enjoyed my travel!

on the road: the mobile setup

mobile setup 2

the mobile setup

As shown in the pics, this was my mobile setup I’ve used recently during my Barcelona trip: [Read more…]

in the lab – audio listening tests

AKG K 702 and the Benchmark DAC 1

AKG K 702 and the Benchmark DAC 1 (behind)

Most people have no idea where probably most “development time” is actually spent: it’s in the audio listening tests and not the coding.

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