working ITB at higher sampling rates

Recently, I’ve moved from 44.1kHz up to 96kHz sampling rate for my current production. I would have loved to do this step earlier but it wasn’t possible with the older DAW generation in my case. With the newer stuff I was easily able to run a 44.1kHz based production with tons of headroom (resource wise – talking about CPU plus memory and disk space) and so I switched to 96kHz SR and still there is some room left.

I know there is a lot of confusion and misinformation floating around about this topic and so this small article is about to give some theoretical insights from a developer perspective as well as some hands-on tips for all those who are considering at what SR actually to work at. The title already suggests working ITB (In The Box) and I’ll exclude SR topics related to recording, AD/DA converters or other external digital devices. [Read more…]

the download server is offline (fixed!)

Seems the download server is somehow smoked for whatever reason. Meanwhile, I’ll bundle a plug-in package to put it on a file hoster somewhere around this weekend. Whats the currently best and hassle-free one? Or does someone has some ftp space left to host a mirror of all the stuff (warning: huge download traffic)?

Everything is online again (except the ‘Rescue’ package whichs rar archive was broken and needs to be, errm, rescued). For the moment, if you discover further probs while downloading please report just here.