Survey: Which software sampler are you using and why?

mastering a track using only FREE Plugins

Featuring BaxterEQ and FerricTDS.


running VST plug-ins under OS X

There are plenty of nice free and commercial VST plugins available only for Win. As probably most of you already know, they might be used in your OS X DAW …

Great article written by – thanks for sharing!

what I’m currently working on – Vol. 4

working with the oscilloscope

I’ve just polished the Blog a little bit and aside from some layout changes you will find all my actual plug-ins properly listed on the VST effects page now – including screenshots, short descriptions and some brief tips&tricks. If you would like to contribute and to share some further more of your own tips related to that stuff then this is the place to chime in – just drop them here as a comment or via eMail (if you already have my address). Furthermore I’ve collected lots of additional user comments for the testimonial page which looks really impressive after just two years of blogging here – many thanks for all your appreciation. [Read more…]

new support and contact page

I’ve just added a new and separate page to the right menu for dealing with all kinds of VoS plug-in related issues, general questions or contact requests – see Support & Contact. I can’t track all that questions and stuff dispersed over all those (older) articles anymore. I promise to be more responsive regarding requests and issues too if you will drop that over there. Let’s see if I can move some recent comments to that page …