TesslaPRO revealed



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announcement: TesslaPRO

tseI’m proud to announce the TesslaPRO audio processor which brings the critically acclaimed TesslaSE signal saturator on to the next level. Beside the implementation of some popular feature requests TesslaPRO will feature some really exciting new and unique approach on signal saturation modeling.

More details will be unveiled during April on varietyofsound.wordpress.com and the release is targeted to Q2/2009.

what I’m currently working on – Vol. 2

I’m now taking some longer time for research and development which is actually the job I really like the most. Digging into some new DSP papers, drawing new circuit concept ideas and setting up some code for a proof of concept – thats almost like vacation to me. I’m already into some interesting new work in the area of saturation but there is another thing which is itching me more and more since a while. [Read more…]

‘epicVerb’ 1.0.1 maintenance release available

The 1.0.1 maintenance release for epicVerb is out now. It covers a couple of bugfixes, improvements and is now fully SSE compatible (running on older SSE1 machines now too).

epicVerb digital reverberation simulator

epicVerb digital reverberation simulator

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new download tab

page tabs

page tabs

There is a new download tab now at the top of the page and the sticky download post is removed from the front page  (but still in the archive and contains a redirect now). Use this if you are looking for updates, release info and download locations.

‘BootEQ mkII’ released

As of now the “BootEQ mkII” musical EQ and pre-amp simulator is released under freeware license and a copy is ready to download for you. Release info and download locations are maintained in the sticky “latest versions / downloads” post. Please read and accept the enduser license agreement before downloading and installing.

Requirements: SSE compatible PC, VST host running at 44,1 or 48kHz samplerate.

Download here.

‘BootEQ mkII’ – LF shaping

BootEQ mkII

BootEQ mkII - new LF controls

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‘BootEQ mkII’ – preview and release info

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modelling pre-amp goodness


I’m just thinking loud here about pre-amps and all their different sounds and how they contribute to todays recordings and overall production aesthetics.

There are actually two types of such devices in general which are coming to my mind. On the one side there are the more unobtrusive ones which are adding almost nothing to the sound but just tighten and focusing the lowend a little bit or enhancing slightly the mid range in a good way. The other ones (mostly tube/valve types) are tending to saturate and distort the incoming signal if driven with higher input gain which may contribute to the desired sound in some cases while in others not. [Read more…]

factory preset bank for RescueAE


Thanks to KVR user ‘nitex’ there is the ‘Rescue’ factory preset bank now also availabe for ‘RescueAE’ to download. See latest versions / downloads for download location.