new site layout for 2010

The old Blog layout appeared a little bit too edgy to me over time and I’ve missed some of the classic Blog elements on the right side as well. So, I switched today and now we have a smoother one here running with some gadgets on the right side back again. I hope you like it too.

Don’t miss the RSS option or the eMail subscription if you would like to kept informed on whats going on here or showing up next.

eMail subscription option available

In the top bar of this blog there is now an eMail subscription option to this blog available which lets you receive eMails on whats going on here. If you are not a wordpress registered user you can simply type in your eMail address and hit the button. If you are registered and logged in, just hit the button.

In both cases you are able to manage your subscription of course, e.g. setting frequency of eMail delivery or deleting the subscription.