epicCLOUDS public beta testing started

A public beta version of epicCLOUDS is available for testing. As already announced, the beta testing will be supported by the new VoS Discord server to gather feedback and discuss issues as best as possible. Feel free to join, its open for everyone!

Click here to join the VoS Discord server. A Discord login is required. Once on my server, you must agree the welcome message just shown to you by ticking it with a “thumbs up” to get full rights for posting etc.

TDR VOS SlickEQ – video review

Read the whole story at modernmixing.com.


Take Our Audio Poll: Do We Need Higher Definition Sound?

We’re in the 21st century and we have the worst sound that we’ve ever had. It’s worse than a 78 [rpm record]. What happened?

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SSE1 compatible systems – some testers needed

I do need some more testers with SSE1 compatible systems (e.g. old AMD Athlon series) – if you can perform some tests for me with a prepared Density mkII version please drop me a short comment here with your email.

Density mkII – bugfixes, which and when?

Just a short update on whats going on with some already reported issues concerning Density mkII (released around two weeks ago):

  • There will be a SSE1 compatible version
  • The CPU spiking “denormal” issues and heavy CPU loads are already fixed
  • A fix for the loading issues in Wavelab is currently under investigation and test
  • Some crash reports will be further investigated

The current plan is to release a 2.0.1 bugfix release to end of September containing whats fixed and stable then.

Patrick speaks: the Density mkII UI (making of)

making of

making of

Dear VoS community!

Someday ago, Bootsy asked me to raise my voice here and to talk a little bit about my design works and he suggested that the Density mkII artwork might be a good idea to do so. [Read more…]

Density mkII – reworking the audio engine

While working on the Density overall re-design I was working extensively on the audio engine as well but just for one single reason: The one thing I was missing in the original design was to have some more “responsive” gain riding possibilities but without the usual tradeoff of introducing more distortion or compromising the transparency. And (unsurprisingly) that turned out to be not that easy.

Developers friend: the oscilloscope

Developers friend: the oscilloscope

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in the lab – audio listening tests

AKG K 702 and the Benchmark DAC 1

AKG K 702 and the Benchmark DAC 1 (behind)

Most people have no idea where probably most “development time” is actually spent: it’s in the audio listening tests and not the coding.

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I need some further accoustic recording snippets for fx plugin dev/test

Howdy folks,

for development and testing purposes I need some further raw and unprocessed good made recording samples (short loops / snippets are ok). Mainly drums, bass or vocal stuff.

Just drop a note here if you want to support me.

Thanks in advance!

what I’m currently working on – Vol. 2

I’m now taking some longer time for research and development which is actually the job I really like the most. Digging into some new DSP papers, drawing new circuit concept ideas and setting up some code for a proof of concept – thats almost like vacation to me. I’m already into some interesting new work in the area of saturation but there is another thing which is itching me more and more since a while. [Read more…]