replaced my old Virus kb

My old Virus kb has been retired today and guess whats in place there right in front of my screens …

Access Virus TI2 Polar

Musikmesse ’10 – hot or not?

After two days of Musikmesse in Frankfurt and tons of press releases – whats the cool (or not so cool) stuff to you?


Elektron Octatrack

To me the Elektron Octatrack catched my interest immediately and this might be some piece of hardware I will finally buy after quite some time. Though it states Q4 2010 which smells like a year or so. [Read more…]

the magic is where the transient happens

Transients and so on

This article could have been an esoteric one but then it would probably be titled as “the magic is where the change happens” or something like that. Don’t worry, this is just about some findings and myth on audio transient processing and it’s, errm, reincarnation in the upcoming TesslaPRO VST audio plug-in. [Read more…]

2009: looking forward to …

Of course there may appear some exciting updates or even new hot stuff out of my own lab this year but that’s not what I’m talking here about. [Read more…]

revisited: ‘chillout and dance’ preset bank for Rob Papens ‘Predator’

I have just revisited a way cool sound bank I’ve once created for Rob Papens Predator softsynth. [Read more…]