knee-deep in beta testing

That’s where I am at the moment. Beside that I’m currently into setting up a new development test- and workbench to further speed up things a little bit in the future. Most fun currently is reading some DSP papers. Not so fun is all the debugging for the NastyDLA chorus bug – but you can help me on that one easily: The main problem is that there are not enough tester available which can reproduce that specific problem and so are able to confirm a final fix. If you suffer from that chorus issue with DLA and want to support a bugfix for that then just drop me a note with your email address here.

I’ll be back (soon)!

NastyXTC – Vaporware?

Some folks are asking me from time to time if and when the NastyXTC thingy will ever see the public light. Atm, the short answer still is: I really dunno.
While the original NastyXTC design was mainly a transient EQ sort of thing, I extended it concept wise to become a rather complete “transient workbench” solution in a small but flexible modular effects system. Despite of the amount of work necessary to accomplish this, there are still some essential and fundamental technical concepts not yet really explored by me. [Read more…]