documentary: Kraftwerk – Pop Art

Provokativ, experimentell, radikal, aber auch kommerziell und clubtauglich – all das ist Kraftwerk. Die Dokumentation nähert sich dem Phänomen und untersucht die popkulturelle Relevanz einer öffentlichkeitsscheuen Band aus dem Rheinland, die eine der einflussreichsten Popgruppen aller Zeiten wurde.

This awesome documentary is currently available online in the arte mediathek.

new Vangelis interview

The internationally celebrated Greek composer talks about the role of music in times of chaos, crisis and uncertainty.


SubBerlin – Story of Tresor Club

Recently, the SubBerlin documentary re-appeared on german TV. It not only tells the story of the legendary Berlin techno club Tresor but also is a great flashback and  insight into that Zeitgeist and techno culture to that time. Starting from the fall of the wall it covers all the period until it’s pull down in 2005. Some great artist (short) interviews in there as well.

It’s available on youtube but I’ve only found the german version – dunno if there is one with translation or subtitles.