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Here you can find the download locations to the latest versions of my audio fx plug-ins.

Important (if you link to any of my Plug-Ins downloads):

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This software is provided free of charge but the author retains copyright.
You are not allowed to make any copies or redistribute this software including but not limited to making the software available for download or making this software part of a software CD compilation.
You are not allowed to sell or to rent this software. You are not allowed to reverse engineer this software.
You are allowed to use this software for any artistic application including commercial music production.
This software is provided ‘as-is’, without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.


  • Win32 compatible system with SSE2 (or higher)  instruction set support
  • Tested and known to work in many VST compatible hosts

Latest Versions

Plug-In Version Release Info
BootEQ mkII 2.1.1 22.01.2011
EQ & pre-amp simulator – bugfix release
Density mkIII 3.0 26.06.2012
Major mkIII update containing color model and IMD improvements
Rescue MK2 2.1 22.05.2013
Added oversampling and a bugfix for higher S/R support
TesslaSE 1.2.1 Bugfix release
TesslaPRO mkII 2.0 29.11.2012
mkII overhaul featuring stateful saturation and color models
epicVerb 1.5 Major update containing reverb tail improvements plus bugfixes
epicVerb vstpresets C4/5 vstpresets with different dry/wet mixes – use this when using eV on the insert bus (files provided by susiwong)
ThrillseekerVBL 1.0 01.07.2013
Initial version
FerricTDS 1.5.1 22.01.2011
The winner of the KVR Developer Challenge 2009 – bugfix release
NastyVCS 1.0.1 22.01.2011Virtual Console Strip plug-in – bugfix release
NastyDLA mkII 2.0 11.05.2012
mkII version which contains technical redesign featuring stateful saturation
preFIX 1.0 16.05.2011
Initial release
BaxterEQ 1.0.1 11.04.2012
Includes smaller GUI version now
ThrillseekerLA 1.0.1 14.01.2013
Maintenance release (updated harmonics generation, link algo and revised SC filter)
ThrillseekerXTC 1.0.1 12.01.2013
Bugfix release (memory consumption and stereo width)
SlickHDR 1.0.1 30.01.2014
release with hotfix for smaller screen sizes

Public beta:

Plug-In Release Release Info
epicVerb, BaxterEQ, preFIX, NastyDLAmkII, NastyVCS and DensityMkIII 64bit public beta 1 DOWNLOAD HERE


Plug-In Release Release Info


Plug-In Release Release Info
Nasty Series 1.2.1 Contains: NastyLF, NastyHF, NastyCS, NastyVSD and NASTYtableTop
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