tips & tricks with ThrillseekerVBL

The Sweet Spot

The plug-in includes a preset called “LA Sweet-Spot” and one can safely use this setting on almost everything just to add a little more mojo. Just drive the unit with a proper “IN GAIN” amount so that the overall compression and distortion fits to the source.

Increased Stereo Imaging

If ThrillseekerVBL is used on stereo program material, I would recommend to use the TRAFO option to have the most prominent stereo imaging effects. Also, if there is just a little gain reduction amount applied, I would prefer the “DUAL M” option opposed to “STEREO” linking. And I would always use the “DUAL M” option on sources like vocal groups, panned rhythm guitars and stuff.

VBL as a Mastering EQ

One common mastering trick to open up a rather flat/dull track is to dial in a slight but broad 5kHz boost with an analog tube equalizer. Due to the tube circuit also higher order harmonics are generated and the whole stereo image opens up.

This can be replicated perfectly with ThrillseekerVBL: Move the “BRILLIANCE” screw to its top most position and set the “AMP” knob to 0.68. If distortion is too much now, just back it off by dialing in some compression and/or lowering the input gain.

If the EQ effect amount is too much, simply use the “DRY:WET” option. Also make sure that the trafo is in and prepare yourself for pure awesomeness.

Some Shorties

  • Avoid pumping: Dial in some more “EMPHASIS”.
  • More HF focus: Turn the “BIAS” screw clock-wise.
  • Upward compression style: Dial in some dry signal amounts (just a little).

Soehngenetic – Wise Kids on Pillows (2012)

Music taken from the 2012 Soehngenetic album “Pseudolectual”. Super 8 material filmed by Hans Söhngen in 1982. For more information please visit

If you are into electronic music then don’t miss to check out Soehngenetic’s just released album “Pseudolectual”, available on bandcamp:
It’s worth mentioning that although he owns gear like a space echo and some BBD delays, on this production NastyDLA was used almost exclusively.


how stereo works

Just in case you’ve ever wondered …


Daniel Lanois: The Making of Le Noise

Producer Daniel Lanois (U2, Robbie Robertson, Neil Young …) talks about his recording and production affairs for the last years Neil Young release “Le Noise”. If you are into recording business this is a must see and it might you to over think some of the rather common and usual techniques. A more in-depth track by track session is available over there on YouTube as well.

compression is for kids

Well, at least that’s what engineering legend Bruce Swedien once said and so he did in his appearance in “Pensado’s Place”. [Read more…]

some Blogs and readings

(most in english, some in german or spanish):

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Ableton Live Packs?

Since the net is basically jam-packed with tons of Ableton Live Packs I’m wondering where the worthy stuff hides (whether being commercial or freeware). Since I know that some Ableton addicts chime in here from time to time I thought that I’m just gonna asking it here. Genre is electro.

switching to Ableton Live (finally?)

Ableton LiveAfter asking Ableton Live – the ultimate creative production tool?somewhere in last year I’ve struggled for quite some time on whether to move or not. [Read more…]

BBC Krautrock documentary

If you are into electronic music making (whatever sort of) then don’t miss this BBC documentary about the legendary “Krautrock” decade in germany:

See all six parts on youtube.