TesslaPRO revealed



The TesslaPRO audio processor is aimed to take the critically acclaimed TesslaSE signal saturator on to the next level and features some really exciting new and unique approach on signal saturation modeling. While TesslaSE has gotten famous for it’s ability to let audio transient information pass through (to a certain extend) TesslaPro is going to extend this further: The amount of untouched transient information can be dialed in variable. This way one is able to obtain full control on where signal saturation is going to happen and how such effects appear into a mix sonic wise.

The core algorithm is re-written in assembler, further optimized and runs now 4 times oversampled. On popular demand the DRIVE amount is now output level compensated and in addition there is more precise and detailed control on the reworked transformer style bass distortion.

Not enough, the user interface is completly redesigned by Patrick. He did it again and provided a really unique timeless interface which is clear, so fun to use and stands out on its very own. An awesome work!

A couple of bugfixes are included as well of course, e.g. the slow loading time issue which occured in some system configurations.

A release is targeted to Q2/2009 for PC and VST compatible systems.

About the future of TesslaSE: It won’t be discontinued at all and will be still available further on since so many folks swear on it. There will be a re-compiled, optimized and bug-fixed version appear right to the time when theΒ  Pro version is going to be realeased.


  1. yes yes yes yes yes yes

  2. It looks better than ever. This design kicks-ass !

    Congratulations Patrick.

    Can’t wait to hear it in action.

    Jay Key

  3. Dickiefunk says:

    Wow! Sounds amazing! Can’t wait for this!!!!

  4. Mercado_Negro says:

    It seems you’ve taken one of your plug-ins to the next level once again Bootsy, looking forward to it for Q2/2009 πŸ™‚ TesslaSE is an amazing saturator, can’t wait to use this one too.

  5. Terje Refsnes says:


    I just would like to say that I got a virus when I clicked this

    on April 18, 2009 at 11:02 am | Reply TesslaPRO VST Saturator
    […] TesslaPRO VST Saturator Commenta 18th April , 2009 TesslaPRO revealed Β« Variety Of Sound […]

  6. Your stuff are great!
    I like your compressor and eq MKII, I can’t wait for this new Tesla stuff.

  7. looking good Bootsy, looking good!

    problem is, you shouldn’t tell us these things so soon…we are all drooling now and can’t wait, rather like kids waiting for a new toy :-)…

    Anyway, I too am wetting my shirt with saliva waiting for this new baby….next time…just tell us a day before it is released huh? ok? ..please…please….

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. Awesome! I cant wait, i use tessla on everything.

  9. Domingo (a.k.a. "BOB/You Know Who") says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I own a personal home studio, with top notch external gear (Preamps, Compressors, Mics, etc…etc..) & top notch plugins.

    I must say that your products are the best sounding products I’ve ever used hands down.

    For the past three weeks that I’ve been using your products I can’t stop thinking about selling most of the gear I currently own.

    I’m not brown nosing nor a_ _ kissing, I’m being genuinely sincere.

    Please keep me posted about future products.

    If you would like to use me for beta testing please let me know. Thanks.

    Domingo (a.k.a. “BOB/You Know Who”)

  10. I just found this describtion of Tessla,i just felt i had to share it:

    “Do you have any friends who are always bored and too lazy to do anything? But when they get slightly drunk, they start doing all sorts of crazy stuff and having fun? Well, if your track was your lazy friend, then TesslaSE is the precious booze, giving your signal that extra spark of fun”

  11. Tessla is awesome !!!

    The enhancement in Pro version are exactly what we could dream of.

    Thank you

  12. Highly anticipated !
    Big thumbs up for all your work – there’s nothing comparable.
    And you know, it’s – aaahahahaha – FREE !

  13. This is killer news! I’m a huge fan of the Tessla SE and pleased to hear it’s continued growth and interest. I was fearing it might evaporate over time. Which would have really bummed me out.

    Can’t wait!

  14. FAT ASS!!!

  15. Density mkII and TesslaPRO are just plain sweet.
    All these plugins rock. I friggin LOVE these GUI’s.
    Top-notch… no wait… 2 notches above “Top-notch”.

  16. openplanrecording says:

    I’ve been comparing this with some of the big name stuff and It defiantly holds it’s own!! Giving 3d depth and extra width while maintaining transparency and the integrity of the original material!! It’s Digital gold!! don’t mix without it!!

  17. Just gotten onto these plugs and I’ve got to say it feels like I’ve struck gold. They’re amazing. Eternal gratitude!!!!

  18. I wish you could extend the idea of Tessla Pro and release an updated version in cooperation with the Tokyo Dawn / Vlad guys. Have a good Christmas!

  19. Jennie Quach says:

    lΓ©ts see…its too new for me to learn all about this …thank you


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