introducing ‘NastyXTC’

NaxtyXTC: the Xciting Transient Controller

NaxtyXTC: the Xciting Transient Controller

I’m going to introduce NastyXTC here for you, the ‘Xciting Transient Controller’ which is currently in beta. NastyXTC features four separate transient controllers plus an additional ‘warmth’ tape like processor and is aimed to enhance the sonic perception of any kind of audio material without that much digital artifacts known from some traditional exciters or enhancers.

One transient processor

The transient processor

The four transient controllers are basically frequency and transient controlled EQ’s where just the actual dialed in frequeny gets saturated depending on the transient information of the actual audio content. The other way around: The EQ’s audio content (and nothing else) gets saturated but just depending on the transient information of the incoming audio.

Sophisticated M/S processing per band allows way cool stereo field processing and the stereo imaging can be controlled overall by increasing the side signal processing of the audio content which then occurs frequency dependent.

The warmth processor

The warmth processor

Additionally, NastyXTC introduces a ‘warmth’ processor, which is basically an ultra-fast tape style high frequency compressor. The HF level loss is compensated by “filling in” some K2 harmonic audio content. The result is a very subtle HF smoothing which is able to polish some uneven artifacts such as too much pronounced highhats or sibilant vocals.

This device actually works as an unobtrusive de-esser easily as well.

NastyXTC is capable of overall finishing uneven mixes as well as polishing individual recordings/tracks in any mixing situation.

It will be available as a VST plug-in for PC later in Q2/2009.


  1. Terje Refsnes says:

    You are the true savior.The more I use your plugins,the more
    I seem to be able to leave my analog past behind me.
    I truly love the way you think and the way you listen.
    What an exciting spring this is and will be.

    Thanks a lot

  2. transcendingmusic says:

    Hello Bootsie, available here for Sonar beta testing

  3. Dickiefunk says:

    Looks great once again! Looking forward to checking it out!!

  4. Woaw, 2 great news in a row.

    This design is also top-notch, but the NastyXTC label/logo is poor-looking.

    Anyway, I’m curious to hear it in action.

    Jay Key

  5. I post this New on my audio production site, when you have a beta version, please tell me i am allready for beta testing.


  6. Tjänsteman says:

    Hi Bootsy!

    Recently discovered your excellent plugs!!!

    They are marvellous! Can´t do without them now!

    Keep up the good work,

    Anders aka Tjänsteman

  7. ProTools via wrapper… would love to beta.

  8. im willing to beta also, cubase SX user

  9. Awesome.
    I have some tracks to mix for a CD, I’ll be waiting for this one and Tessla pro.
    Your work is appreciated 🙂

  10. awesome! 😀

  11. looking forward 🙂

  12. Damn it Bootsy, you did it again!!!

    you have made me lose sleep now waiting for more goodies!

    What can I say, you make feel like 5 years old waiting for a new toy…:-) 🙂 🙂

    Keep it up buddy you are a vst plug GOD!

  13. I have tried and used just about everything out there. Yours are in the top tier! Thank you.

    Can beta on Reaper and Sonar if required

  14. is there any chance of trying a beta version?really liked the plug ins i tried.nice one

  15. This will be another milestone, completely unique and very useful !

  16. Here for beta-testing, too.

    P4 2,53 with XP and Cubase 4



  17. Beta Tester

    Windows xp quad core
    Pro Tools Le
    Ableton 7
    Cubase 3

  18. goodjohnys says:

    Beta Tester

    Windows xp dual core

    Samplitude 10


  19. Greg Bester says:

    Fishing for a beta test here too! 😀

    Cubase 4/Nuendo 3
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
    MOTU 24i/o
    Windows XP SP2

  20. Sign me up.

    I’m running Windows 7 on Cubase 5.

    Using UAD plugins as well.

    Quad core intel custom built machine.

    Would love to test.

  21. kingocounty says:

    Between this and the new tesslapro, it’ll be Xmas in May! Since I’ve started using your plugs I’ve sold most of my rack gear as I finally get that out-of-the-box sound without all the cables! It must be a nice feeling to bring joy to so many engineers 😉 Thanks again!

  22. Q2 means this could also be released in June, not that I’m complaining as I have the TesslaPro for now! Though I really can’t wait for this one to be released either.

    How long would you say it’ll be Bootsy? No rush, I’m just saying, sometime next month estimated?

  23. I would love to help test in the Sonar 8 Domain of you fabulous plugs, I have encountered a couple crashes with the Tessla PRO, as well as Density. Just want to help fix what ever may be causing the problem. I do have a lot of beta testing backround. Bootsy your plugs are really incredible, keep up the awesome work.


    Intel Q6600 @ 2.4
    Intel D975XBX2 MBoard
    4 Gig of Ram,
    Delta 24/96 audiophile Sound card.
    Sonar 8.3.1

  24. uzilevi says:

    i love the plagins i got protools with the rtas-vst transformer
    i love to beta test and halp all of us. thanks of the plagins
    and if you have update on your work on mail sine me in.

  25. sunny_j says:

    i don’t know about others, but i kinda dig the GUI…

  26. sunny_j says:

    hey bootsie! is this also oversampled like tesslaPRO?

  27. when u want, here you can find a beta for all your plug!

    Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T7200 2,0 GHz
    2gb ram
    edirol UA25
    windows xp sp2 (tuned for music)
    ableton live 7 (soon on 8)

    PEACE 🙂

  28. I’d be happy to test the beta on MuLab ( which, for whom has never heard of it, is a very easy to use audio/midi production environment featuring a modular plugin area, so you can route between VST/VSTi freely as you like. (That’s why I like it so much)


  29. any time schedule on release of nastyxtc

  30. So…any news about this one? It would be really nice to hear something about it. Even if this is never to be released…

  31. thanx Bootsie ur the best music saver good looking out with all these top nach vst


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  2. […] has announced NastyXTC, an Xciting Transient Controller plug-in for Windows. NastyXTC features four separate transient […]

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