BootEQ mkIII released

BootEQ mkIII – a musical sounding Preamp/EQ

BootEQ mkIII is a musical sounding mixing EQ and pre-amplifier simulation. With its
four parametric and independent EQ bands it offers special selected and musical
sounding asymmetric and proportional EQ curves capable of reproducing several
‘classic’ EQ curves and tones accordingly.

It provides further audio coloration capabilities utilizing pre-amplifier harmonic distortion as well as tube and transformer-style signal saturation. Within its mkIII incarnation, the Preamp itself contains an opto-style compression circuit providing a very distinct and consistent harmonic distortion profile over a wide range of input levels, all based now on a true stateful saturation model.

Also the EQ curve slopes has been revised, plugin calibration takes place for better gain-staging and metering and the plugin offers zero latency processing now.

Available for Windows VST in 32 and 64bit as freeware. Download your copy here.


  1. heavymetalmixer says:

    Another gem comes back! 😀
    Btw, does it have internal oversampling?

  2. Gregory Galfo says:

    WOW, this is the most exciting news in years !!! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. My go to just became a run to ! Greg

  3. Best news in years ! My “go to” just became a run to !!! Extremely exciting… thanks very very much ! Greg Galfo – Audio Engineer – USA

  4. Djerek Kayzakian-Rowe says:

    This has been my favorite EQ for so many years, so I’m really excited for the new version. Thank you so much for your great work.

  5. The one that started me years ago!

  6. bitchin’. thanks!

  7. Jon Rinneby says:

    Wonderful! An old favorite of mine 🙂

  8. The old one was My go-to. I have no doubt the the new BootEQ will step right up.

  9. I am looking forward to work with this new version. I really liked the original and it sounds like it has gotten even better. Thanks!

  10. Thanks a lot, this is huge. I loved the mk II and I used massively in my past

  11. yay….i love you guys

  12. Amazing! I love this plugin so much, thank you for keeping it going.

  13. Thank you!

  14. Synthiemental says:

    Wow, just WOW!!!

  15. Thank you!!!!!

  16. mervenca says:

    Duude, we need macOS aswell.. and pleease update Thrillseaker VBL
    maybe make a patreon account and have people donating you regularly? 🙂

    • not gonna happen, the program these were developed in only compiles to x86 and x64, not even linux, and uses its own code language that has no equivalent on other platforms. Unless he starts over again its not happening and given this is his unpaid hobby that’s a ridiculous undertaking.

  17. I’m so happy to have this back! Thank you!!!

  18. Amazing! Just decided to check your page today after years of not checking it, just to reread some of all the gems you’ve posted here. What a surprise! MkII got me started and I used it on basically everything, and it has beem replaced by SlickEQGE. Can’t wait to use this one!

  19. Alfredo Alonso says:

    best of the best, this real gem that is now in my chain, the only one analog model plugin that I am using from now, and all the expensives plugins that I have, are going through to the trash, thanks!

  20. Appreciate the effort. Unfortunately none of the 64Bit VoS Plugins work on my win 10 64 bit AMD computer. Irrespective of host. Did some Windows system repair as probably a dll might be missing, but had no success, also with admin mode. My other plugins are working. Are there any relevant dependencies to check? Or maybe a log file?

  21. This sounds really great. I think the pre is inverting polarity though. No issue with it bypassed and just using eq. Anyone else getting this?

  22. Thank you for all your work making and updating amazing plugins.

  23. Thank You!!! I’ve been following the release of the 64bit versions and this has been one of my favorites for years in 32bit… I can’t wait for the update of Thrillseeker VBL when you get there… Again…Thank You so much for these…

  24. Thank you very much Bootsy. I just downloaded it. Best wishes..

  25. Sammy Steele says:

    Thanks ever so much from sunny, Jamaica.. Love your plugins!!!

  26. Not best GUI to look at and read from but sounds golden (no matter the price)! Thank you.

  27. I use Mk2 preamp side with di p-bass, tube on vintage, knobs at 12:00. The eq curve that results with these settings in Mk3 is flat, while Mk2 has a groovy curve. I already have full-featured optos running afer this, so the Mk3 comp is not a welcome always-on addition for me. I’m enjoying the other new (re-)releases, but a BootEqMk2-64bit or Mk3 with “legacy mode” would be my wish.

  28. Thank you, just thank you!

  29. Hey thanks so much for the 64bit. I so loved this plugin when I was younger now I’m so happy to use it again in 64bit. (I couldn’t use it for a good 10 years or so feels great to have it back)


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