epicVerb 1.5 major update available

epicVerb 1.5

epicVerb digital reverberation simulator

One year ago the initial release of epicVerb digital reverberation simulator was made available and as of today the epicVerb 1.5 major update is released. It contains not only some bugfixes and stability improvements but also some re-worked algorithms which supports way more dense and three-dimensional reverberation processing.

Release notes:

  • stability improvements, especially for the memory issues that were causing crashes when deleting plugins in some host applications
  • improved reverb tail generation (affects faster density build up, diffusion and depth perception)
  • MOD knob does not disappear anymore when ctrl+click
  • plug-in does not write separate .dat file to disc anymore
  • faster loading times on systems with large amounts of system fonts
  • VST vendor tag changed to “Variety Of Sound”
  • SSE1 support is discontinued

The epicVerb 1.5 audio plug-in is a Win32 only release and requires a SSE2 (or higher) compatible system. It is tested and known to work in many VST compatible hosts. The download is available through the Downloads page here.


  1. Bronto Scorpio says:

    Wow! Thank you very much. Your plugins are just great. I love TesslaPRO, FerricTDS and Density MK2, and I’m shure I’ll love this one too. I’ll test it immediatelly!
    Can’t wait for the channelstrip!


  2. Thanks, Bootsie!

  3. Brilliant!! Thanks for your hard work and generosity!!

  4. Thank you, Bootsie!

  5. Very nice. this is in my top 3 list of non convolution plugins along with Breverb and Eos.

  6. Guy Birkin says:

    Your work helps my creativity. Thank you

  7. grateful.user says:

    merci beaucoup

  8. Wow, thank you. The 1.o never worked on my system. Eager to explore tis plug-in now, but if it’s anywhere near the quality of your other plugs, it will be used a lot around here.

  9. Gracias, ahora estoy empezando a grabar musica y sera muy util, saludos desde los lagos de la central america

  10. Brilliant, thanks a lot.

  11. Version 1 was great, and ptobably the best free reverb plug-in out there…

    The 1.5 update truly puts epicVerb on par & above with somthing you’d pay about $200 for!
    And you don’t need to have golden ears to realize that..

  12. How do I get EpicVerb to read the preset files?


  13. Do you use Cubase 4/5?

  14. Igor Shvets says:

    Despite the astonishing features doesn’t work properly with 64bit environment. Causing a VST connection loss. Please update. Love this plugin would like to continue using it.


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  2. […] in the Free Windows Music Software department –  Variety of Sound has released epicVerb 1.5 – a major update to the free digital reverb that makes it even more […]

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