BaxterEQ – released today


BaxterEQ – transparent mastering and mix buss shelving EQ

Finest tonal sweetening and finishing which always stays true to the source

  • natural and accurate bass response
  • authentic analog style HF curve rendering
  • smoothest shelving operation

Perfectly suited for the mastering chain

  • stepped controls throughout for repeatability and matched channel operation
  • full dual channel layout
  • full mid-side encoding support
  • per channel level control for easy A/B match

Artifact free technical design

  • low ripple and distortion filter implementations
  • 64bit floating point internal processing
  • oversampled for superior impulse response

Meticulously selected frequencies

  • Baxandall shelving filters
  • LF @ 74, 84, 98, 116, 131, 166, 230 and 361 Hz
  • HF @ 1.6, 1.8, 2.1, 2.4, 3.4, 4.8, 7.1, 11 and 18 kHz
  • 2-pole Butterworth filters
  • LC @ 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 43 and 54 Hz
  • HC @ 7.5, 9, 11.1, 12.6, 16, 21, 28 and 40 kHz

An additional analog signal path emulation provides some subtle but precious stereo imaging improvements.

BaxterEQ is a Windows x32 freeware release for VST compatible applications and you can grab your copy via the download page. Join me on Facebook!


  1. Fabio 5corde says:

    thanks a lot, it looks beautiful!

  2. Thanks again Bootsy. Cant wait to check it out. All the best.

  3. Thanks!!!!

  4. Apical Boob says:

    Thanks, Bootsy!
    You’re great.

  5. thank you VOS!

  6. Thanks so much dudes!

  7. Downloaded ! Testing it right now. Sounds real nice. Give some subtle improvements that makes the difference.

    Followed by FerricTDS it’s simply a stunning combination.

    Can’t wait for the next plugin featuring your new saturation model.

  8. kingocounty says:

    Thanks again for another great freebie! I’ve been looking for a M/S EQ and this just appeared in my email inbox!

  9. Great ! Thx for your work !

  10. Wil put it to the test tonight on a new tune.
    Thanks a lot for such great software.

  11. Thanks Bootsy!!!! Fantastic plugin!! I’ll use it a lot for m/s mastering!!

  12. i’ve started a thread on gearslutz:

    this plug deserves a LOT of attention!

  13. Thank you Herb and Patrick once again chaps 🙂

    All the best to you both for yet another great processor that has its own special niche/covers an area nothing else does and for not a penny

    Dean Aka Nekro

  14. thanks. looks good. will try and give feedback asap! 🙂

  15. It’s here!!!! 😀 1st impression: WOW~!!!

  16. Thanks for your work! Keep it up!

  17. Thanks a lot!! baxter is really a powerfull tool…I’m fascinated

  18. Bravo!

  19. Can’t wait to try it out. Amazing feature set.

  20. Sweet! Gonna try it right away
    Once again, thanks man your work is not only much appreciated
    but used on countless productions. Fact

  21. Hey this might be a glitch: on PT 9, windows 7 32bit, w/wrapper
    when bypassing the plugin thru the “bypass” button it doesn’t null to a copied track.
    If bypassed with its IN button (turning it off from there) it does null.

    Anyone else experienced this?

  22. Excellent !!! Many Thanks 🙂

  23. a little wonder as usual …and what a deep, wide, and pure sound .
    HUGE THANKS herbert and patrick

  24. Oh yeah! it is M/s capable too it would be great to process Ribbon mics in a Blumlein pair!! nice…………..:)

  25. Ah, finally! 😀 This is sweet!! Thanks Herb and Pat. You guys are phenomenal!

  26. Another milestone …
    You’ve long earned yourself a place among the top 5 high-end VST brands (all the others being commercial), Baxter once again justifies that reputation.
    Many thanks to both of you. 🙂

  27. Leo Alvarez says:

    It’s niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

  28. Thank you, Patrick! What a stunning GUI again!

  29. I just tried the Baxter and i must say its just incredible, how sweet,natural,musical and not to mention analog it sounds.
    It does not just boost or cut frequencies but really brings out another dimension in the sound.
    Baxter followed by Ferric = WOW!
    Thank you Bootsy, at this rate you will put other companies out of business 😉

  30. Im sorry for posting again so soon, but i just tried Baxter on its own without the M/S on some of my older tracks and i just cannot believe the difference, its sounds like it was done in a pro studio, Baxter where were you all my life, WOW again!
    Thanks again!

  31. Thank you Bootsy for all that you have done!

  32. Another platinum hitmaking plugin. Much thanks again. Only wish u guys could replace my PAZ. Yall make beautiful products that sound better than your commercial counterparts. I would pay for a Bootsy replacement for my ugly Waves PAZ. It just works wonders. O and maybe a special Bootsy Deesser. But thats wishful thinking.

  33. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! but So Big GUI, 1024x### Notebook Resolution

  34. this eq is simply amazing, one of the best if not the best out there thanks bootsie!

  35. This amazing sounding EQ gives me one trouble: after using a preset and after editing it, it automaticly saves the changes and overwites the preset. Nuendo 4, Win 7. What else? Sounds extremely good and no way to destroy the mix. Thank you.

  36. Mattias Linusson says:

    Wow!!…Amazing work once again…

    I´m actually getting deeper and smoother, results with the Baxter EQ then with the brainworx digital 😉
    Baxter followed by DensetyMK2 and Ferric, sounds amazing on the masterbus…
    Would love to see a Clipper/gain plug and a diether made by you…then the masteringchain would be complete of Vof plug-ins.

    Thanks again for your amazing plug-ins and your hard work 🙂

  37. WOW! This is the greatest thing that happened in my miserable life! Thanks Bootsy.

    • The Troll Returns!

      • …with a vengeance.

        (i’m sure we would be great pals in real life, but here we must take opposite sides for a sake of healthy flaming argument)

        I dare to say that BaxterEQ is all about graphics and with crippled functionality. Knobs say +-5dB, when it’s actually +-6dB. Talk about precision. I would like to see who will ever use HPF at 12Hz (or LPF at 40Hz). He will probably be astonished how excellent it sounds on his 5″ monitors, even though you need at least 15″ subwoofer to hear 12Hz!!

        Yes, this is the best equalizer the world has ever seen… until someone else draws even prettier GUI for you geeks who just jerk off at pictures of naked women and fancy VST plugins. And you Dean, you’re the biggest geek of them all.

        • Knob.

        • regarding pass filters:
          don’t forget that even HP at 12 Hz influences higher frequs. Vice versa the same for LP at 40 KHz. Further: HP at Hz is for example good to protect your gear (phones, monitors) from low rumbling noise.

          And we all know that bootsys plugs provide much more than just nice gfx !

        • endlessloop says:

          Do you ever thought about how a Baxandall shelving filter works? In reality it’s never perfect flat at the top end/ begin:

          Do you ever thought about how a surround mix, especially the LFC, is processed?

          If you can hear 12Hz, you should out yourself as Mr. Spock- or his ears in persona 😉

          Pelase keep it “rational” clear and not EMO cynical in this blog.
          I think that even the mixengineer of tokyo hotel will be happy about this great EQ.

        • the reason for a 12Hz low cut is simply called “DC removal”.

          • I have nothing against your plugins. On a contrary, I admire fellow developer who works out of love and shares his results with community for free. Also, i think your plugins are based on good ideas and logical train of thought and look very nice. It’s just that somehow, each one of them has some minor flaw(s) that’s bugging me, but obviously not your other ecstatic users. I was eager to try your new EQ, but after half hour testing I was dissappointed… and my expectations weren’t too high.

            As for DC removal, I would like to see (certainly not hear) the difference that 2nd order HP filter at 12Hz offers, maybe just few insignificant dBs. Then, what’s the difference between 12 and 18 Hz cut? It is even hard to measure, you need 32k+ frame size or more on FFT analyzer.

            And why is gain +-5dB on GUI and +-6dB on measurement? I don’t get it.

        • I do not think the apocalyptic vision of this criminally insane, charismatic cult leader named ‘bootsie’ will mind me posting a baxter preset i rolled, So here is a humble patch which i have been using as a base for most of the final equalization touches on a many number of tracks to great effect and honestly has negated me from going to/reaching for one of my ‘goto’ plug-ins – much loved Brainworx Music bx_digital2 (which is no mean feat at all!) for final eq touches:
          Goes without saying that the small but very well chosen number of stock/factory presets are great already to give anyone an idea what baxterEQ is all about. If you really need more proof that it is a fine tool and everything included is very useful and is included for a good reason i can post audio examples if it will help? I doubt that will help though so unless you mention that offer i will save the comments page getting cluttered with links, I am really failing to grasp the concept that baxterEQ is crippled functionality wise, What is baxterEQ missing, For your own personal needs out of curiosity? For the sake of clearing a few things up (which by the way baxterEQ is very capable of doing) I have a very decent sub on hand if needed but to be honest with the Adam A8Xs i have as my main monitors, An Adam SX2 as a mono monitor (yep wierdo/ultra geek using one monitor that is better than my main monitors as a mono monitor – but hey it works well for me anyway so thats all that matters, Right?) and not a user of synthesis very often, Not a creator of nor working with electronic based music where sub basslines can make or break the audio, The sub as said truely not needed often. No one has called me “the biggest geek of them all” before, I am honoured 8) except my girlfriend whom is not into engineering, mixing or homebrew mastering, I mean She knows what i do but is not really interested in what i use or how any of it works from first off setting up microphones right the way to the final dither…Its all just a little boring. Except when i setup a mic which works for her voice and add a touch of compression and reverb – She likes that 😉 She does play the Violin, Piano/keys/synth rather well and her main instrument is her voice…Very, Very, VERY different from what my own stuff and majority of stuff i work on is like. iJovica calling out dudes that “Jerk off over some pics in a jazz mag?” come on i really thought you were better than using pr0n to attempt to be little a dude/dudes. Like said have a girlfriend whom more than takes care of that i am happy to report for what that is worth :D. If i did not though i would no doubt hunt down some pr0n to keep myself busy/satisfied, There is no shame in that at all in my humble honest opinion. I am a father of two children whom are awesome plus my girlfriend is a single-parent also. So thats three little ones between us full-time, Its rewarding, its hard work and keeps us more than busy. I have no beef with you iJovica, Getting all wound up or annoyed by some faceless being on the internet is not something i bother to partake in, I am not a keyboard warrior…YouTube has plenty of them. However i shall and do show respect plus manners (both do not cost a thing) to faceless beings on the internet, In doing so i have met and then gone on to get to know some great people who i am proud to call ‘a friend’/know and speak to as and when it is possible. So despite your being back with a vengeance, throwing those healthy flames for arguements sake, From myself you will only ever get some friendly fire using blanks (I used to use hollow points but the fun wore off). Dean/Nekro/Geek 😀

          • “the apocalyptic vision of this criminally insane, charismatic cult leader named ‘bootsie’”
            Hey Dean, may I use this as a claim?

            • Indeed, It was along the lines of something i heard on a documentary about cult leaders and the way in which a cult ‘expert’ described one of the cult leaders and since you have been ACCUSED of being such then it MUST be TRUE 😉 haha 😀 lol

        • a 2.pole butterworth LP filer at 12Hz will also influence frequencies above … look at this diagram and you will understand 😉

    • WOW! You have a life?

      • Even sad emo trolls like me have a life. Maybe not so glamorous and colorful as yours, but it still resembles life.

        Hey, I’m starting to sense you were making fun of me with that loaded question!
        You are evil person.

  38. awesome plugin !

  39. Can’t wait to try it out. I wish there was an option for a single pole LPF and a lower shelving frequency, but beggars can’t be choosers. And the proof is always in how it sounds regardless of technical specifications so I could wind up eating my wish!

  40. Thanks for this EQ !
    Too bad, i finished a master track, and didn’t used it because i didn’t checked if it was released…

    Will try it for sure with my next release 😉

    Once again, like with FerricTDS and some other releases, you filled a space in the plugin world.
    Congratulations guys for the GUI, the design and the sound 😀

    Always a pleasure to mix with your plugins 😉

  41. As with anything in real life, there is no “perfection.” We can only strive our best to do our best and accept that there will always be those who natter, nipping at our heals, while unable to provide anything of comparable quality themselves.themselves.

    Fortunately, B, your best is superb! My mixes are consistently better for the use of your work and the “outside the box” thinking that prompt their creation. I don’t always use all your plug-ins, but that’s a matter of meeting what the music needs and personal aesthetics.

    Thank you for your creativity and your decision to provide these freely.

  42. Hi guys some great comments on the BaxterEQ here i see, please feel free to submit your review to audiopimpz, we really love bootsy work !


  43. Just used this on a quick project for a client. On the plus side it does sound very good. Easy to use. Love the stepped knobs. On the downside, I really really really wish it would go lower than 74Hz. If it shelved down to 40Hz I would probably be using this a lot. But that major gripe aside, it’s a great plug.

  44. can you make a smaller gui version? on my laptop it’s prohibitive, if I need to use two plugins and I can’t use another screen, I can’t see my workspace. Also like the idea to have a lower shelving freq. just another step, if the calculus allows it. the analog path simulation is really subtle, i figured out what it does by counter-phasing, it’s really interesting, you could set a hidden parameter to amplify or sitch it off when needed! but in any case, i’d really like to have a compact gui.
    as for the rest,thanks! it’s a cool idea, to force people back to little modifications to re-discover the beauty of delicate nuances!

  45. I think the big gui is an up yours to all those people complaining about the size of the FerricTDS when i t came out, lol
    Now what?! hahaha!

  46. when is the updated prefix due out, and does it use the same EQ algorithm as the baxter?

    if you have time for a quick suggestion to make prefix even better, add a 6dB slope low cut option and a good VU meter that can be set to -18dB = 0 reference. Its very popular right now, check satson.

    fantastic work!!

  47. Lovin’ this, the highs sound really smooth.. please make something similar like Manley Massive-Passive! For us non-UAD users there isn’t anything like that around. Thanks.

    • I’ve actually tested it against UAD Massive. Apart from having a different layout (two shelfs plus filters vs. 4 bands plus filters) this amazing new bootsie release feels very massive :-]

      Thanx bootsie!

  48. Thank you!
    It really helped me balance some hard/metal layered guitars.

    • Arthur dude, That is exactly what (amongst many other things) baxterEQ is effortlessly enabling me to do, Pretty much all that i work on involves at least two high-gain, tuned down metal/heavy ass guitars with 2 to 4 mic’s on each speaker cab. I am getting great results in both tightening up the low-end plus adding definition/picking out/lifting up some of the so very crucial mid-range area which is (well now i should state was) alot more of a chore with any other Equalizer i have available. I have not used it on anything synthesized/electronic at all as its an area i rarely run into or dabble in myself but i can see it doing an equally top-notch job employed in the same manner. Its one i definately would not at all want to do without for sure. It is capable of things i would not of used an equalizer for or in some cases just an instance of EQ on its own before 😀 Nice one man and all the best

  49. One cool little trick that I discovered back in the hardware days (using a Behringer Ultrafex II) is back again now, sounding much better and with more control, thanks Bootsie !
    Job: Carve a niche for vocals in a fat stereo instrumental track (doubletracked guitars, brass riffs or similar)
    Solution : With Density II and Baxter, both in M/S mode, you can perfectly tone down the mid signal in a completely controlled way, using nothing but common sense
    Result : The backing sounds as impressive and big as before, but the vocals don’t have to fight anymore to be heard, big and clear in the middle of the stereo field
    Btw, in a similar way you can use M/S in epicVerb to blend lead- and bg-vocal FX, two separate instances, one putting more weight in the middle, the other more to the sides
    Nothing will stop you adding the Density II / Baxter chain to the inserts of the bg-vocals to get even more control, see above

  50. +1 for deeper frequency selection! i get the point that this is more of an overall tone plugin but for electronic music its great to be able to dial in some earthquake bass without having to go to specialist tools like prefix. it would just make it that bit more versatile, and i dont see it taking away from the functionality/feel.

  51. FET Analyzer Please. U can almost mix and master whole song with just bootsy plugs. Deesser and spectrum anlyzer would complete my signal chain. Crossin my fingers, Thanks guys for the extraordinary work.

  52. Smooth, subtle, and silky. Makes me go “Ahhhhh…….” I love it. Thank you Mr. ” B” for yet another top-notch plugin!

  53. ProEngineer81 says:

    what does this plugin do?

    bootsy is the king.

  54. Great stuff!!! Thanks so much. Finally a Baxandall Eq for the masses. One of my longest sought after style of Eq.

    Do this release means you abandoned Teaser?

  55. Hello.

    I would like to know what is that processing that improves stereo imaging.
    I like the idea behind this plug, but i record using MS Stereo and for me to use this plug i would need to know whats acctually happening behind the hood stereo wize. Your description is very vague regarding this aspect, and for me, its really important.


    • thats a frequency dependent crosstalk between both channels.

      • Thanks for this plugin .I think It would be nice If we had a way to make the crosstalk optionnal. I like the idea that a mastering eq can be totally transparent when inserted and no eq is applied. Currently I barely use baxter on my masters, because I find it colors too much the audio…

        • In terms of “color”, the Weinbergs and Ludwigs in the pro mastering realm use analog gear almost exclusively which all produces some level of crosstalk behavior in M/S and stereo gear. The crosstalk will actually enhance depth and image which is why they use analog stuff. FYI mad not to degrade this wonderful free plugin but it’s based on Dangerous Music’s “BaxEQ” in looks and features. The EQ settings are the same and I presume the curves are very similar so folks suggesting Bootsie’s “choices of EQ points are bad”, consider this processor’s analog has been a very popular and widely used tool in the pro masterimg. Bootsie has essentially given us a great simulation of a pretty pricey and serious mastering tool.

  56. Awesome! The best thing is the “subtile” behaviour of the filters and the cut-filters. That makes the baxter eq perfect for mastering and final eq-ing! Waiting for mor such brillant things, Movie.

  57. thanx guys for the great job;w’d like to mention a small bug related to wavelab,when i call an instance of ,say; baxter, the knobs dont move when i call a new preset ,but the sound change accordingly though,now it’s the same thing with the new thrillseeker comp????

  58. Is there a 64Bit version coming soon?

  59. great plugins , is there a chance you one day make osx AU versions of them? Pliiiiizzzz ^^

  60. ksavorigins says:

    cool master tool .. for “detail” works .. ure so generous to give it away 🙂 tops lots of “paid” eq(s)

  61. Thanks a lotttttt

  62. a/b this against the plugin alliance’s version of the dangerous bax, cant really tell the difference, hope to see 64bit versions of all your plug-ins

  63. racker styler says:

    I need vst guyz

  64. Not a single comment asking if whether its minimum or linear phase… worrying.

    Which is it?

  65. lefteris nebe says:

    hi i have a question the baxter EQ work to studio One 4 because i don’t get in it !!!

  66. Is there someplace to get instructions on how to use these plugins or descriptions of the various parameters for each?

  67. Hi music friend…My Win 10 64 bit , it’s possible that Ableton Live don’t see and load your plugins ? thank you so much for your time for answer .
    Best regards…
    Alex from Italy

  68. a mim parece ser muito bom gostaria de saber como e que eu jbk adquirir um deste


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