instead of donating

A lot people are asking me why I don’t charge for the stuff here and where the donation button is. Instead and if you would like to do me a favor then why not just write a short review about one of the VoS plug-ins?

Here are some as a starting point over there at KVR:

and Gearslutz:



  1. Will do.

  2. Yes ! I will be more than happy to do some reviews. Please tell me where you would like me to post them !

  3. already doing it on my blog for a long time bootsy… πŸ™‚ ha.. ha… anyway i will do more…


  4. I’m not very good with words and English is not my native language but tried my best to write something. Wrote a review on NastyDLA.

  5. Someone hands you a tool. No catch, just try it out and see if you could use it. After some trial and use you are amazed of it’s functionality and performance! You want to buy it from the man, the man says “take it, no charge” You use this tool in every job you do because it’s just as good, if not better, than what others are charging high prices for it elsewhere. You refer others in the trade to the man and these tools that he just gives away, and everyone uses them, even those who have the so-called “industry standards” that cost an arm and a leg. What else can you do to repay him? The man wants nothing more than a good review and referrals.

    Seriously, My go-to tools are Density Mk2 and BootEQ for nearly every track, and Ferric on my buses. I own plugs that cost me a little and others that cost a lot, It’s insane and maybe a little bad marketing (the old saying of anything for free is worth nothing), that these amazing plug ins are free. Beginner, semi-pro, and big time engineers should have these in their arsenal.

  6. Haha, the donate button isn’t even a donate button!

    Top notch plugs you got here, simply superb. just about every mix I’ve done over the last year, VoS has been on, and they sound great!

  7. Just entered a brief review about VBL on KVR


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