major mkIII update for Density bus compressor released

More information is available here and also included in the manual addendum.

Density mkIII  is a Windows x32 freeware release for VST compatible applications and you can grab your copy via the download page.

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  1. So lets compare …

  2. WOW WOW WOW. Trying this immediately.

  3. Pascal Fries says:

    Wow. Just that. The reworked timings (especially the ‘Relax’-Knob) are absolutely amazing. The ‘Color’-Knob is cool, but a bit drastic when dialed in over 40%, then again I only tested it on the masterbuss…
    First impression: Best Compressor I’ve ever used/tried.

  4. Francesco Donadel Campbell says:

    What an amazing compressor you have gives us!!!! The color function is amazing!!!
    The sound is so analog and what a really good transient response!
    Fantastic job!! Bootsy did it again!!!! thank you so much for another great plugin!!!!
    Finally this works perfectly in wavelab 6!

  5. To be honest I was a little afraid of Density MKIII because mkII has been my favorite drumbus and masterbus compressor for quite a while now. And I often experienced that “improved” products made by commercial companies are far from beeing better than the favorites we have got used to.

    But not so with bootsy!

    As for now I have only tried mkIII on the song that I´m currently working on and I´m really amazed! I feels like the density that I like so much and has improved for real. The possibility of dialable colouring by means of saturation is a great feature. And I was immediately able to get out more dynamic range of my track. This will be fun!

    Thank You so much…

    • Given that the mkII was one of my favourite bus compressors ever made (including UAD, Powercore, LiquidMix and Waves) I cannot wait to give this a blast.
      Many Many thanks for these processors and your ever interesting blog entries, it really is possible to produce professional mixes with your stuff ( I have released quite a few), donation forthcoming!…

  6. susiwong says:

    perfectly suitable for every application (including sensitive acoustic material), incredible sound and still lots of potential for creative misuse – a modern classic !
    Not least also for the beautiful, ergonomic UI …
    Once more, huge thanks to Bootsie & Patrick ! 🙂

    • Dean Aka Nekro says:

      I have had some real thrills running Denisty MkIII in series with ThrillSeekerLA, From subtle to anything but it really is a great duo/combo, Usually Denisty first the ThrillSeeker afterwards with the range set back alot so that it is not doing/covering as much dynamic range. That pair seem really love to be used on a parallel compression bus/return. As far as all more conventional uses it is just great at covering also, Yep I did abuse it already hihi but tis in my nature. It is pure class like You say mate 🙂

  7. Dean Aka Nekro says:

    Thanks Herbert mate, Really can not wait to give this a good run where I have and/or would use its older versions. I do not doubt for even a second that it will be nothing short of first class and Your hard work is very much appreciated. All the best as always


  8. wow man. Big appreciation!!

  9. Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of DMK2, but DMK3 is definitely a tremendous improvement. It really sounds more natural and analog. The quality of the compression is very impressive. Congrats Herb! I’m going to review it on my blog very soon. Chris

  10. Thank you very much Boosty, This is awesome. Best wishes.

  11. holy shit. WOW! thanks again man.

  12. Thanks a lot !

  13. thank you for sharing this software!

  14. OSX?

  15. I know you are busy with all your other plugins, but are you planning on modelling a more aggressive compressor in the future… (im thinking ssl/api style)…
    Great work on Density III, I’ve been testing it on lots of tracks, very 3d, it keeps the depth of the music.

  16. Jazzy Pidjay says:

    Absolutely FANTASTIC !!! Can’t believe this thing behave THAT good with the music… For me this is your best work to date. I’m a big fan of TesslaPro… the upcoming release will be mind blowing for sure. Beside monitoring/analyser plugins and reverbs, i’m actually mixing everything with just your plugins. Simple, efficient, FREE with an awesome smart foreward thinking !! Thanks for all !

    • says:

      For me this is your best work to date <== agree.

      Beside monitoring/analyzer plugins and reverbs, i’m actually mixing everything with just your plugins. <=== With the exception of very few plugins, same here!

  17. I have been a HUGE admirer of Variety Of Sound plugins since I first got really involved with computer-based recording. (Which has only been about 8 or 10 months at the time of this post.) I really, really appreciate Bootsy/Patrick’s incredible freeware audio products. Anyone with good ears and engineering experience will know straight away that Bootsy’s plugins rival very expensive commercial offerings. I thank God (very literally) for these quality plugins.
    God Bless & Thank you,
    Bro. Charles

    • I’d rather thank Bootsy/Patrick (very literally) instead of “God”
      (which one is it in your case? Zeus, Thor, Allah, Christ? So many out there today).

      None of them created Bootsy’s plugins. Bootsy created Bootsy’s plugins.
      So don’t be foolish and thank the man himself. 😉

      Btw, thanks Bootsy!

  18. Just check it out.. its good, but its completely a different beast when compared to MK2. MK3 does not sound or behave anything like MK2 in my opinion.. that was surprising and interesting as well. 🙂 i like the color knob addition though. Thanks.

    • so the question would be, to anyone here who’s been using Density MK2 extensively (not my case) – is it worth keeping both versions installed? or is MK3 a definitive upgrade to overtule MK2?

      • jazztom says:

        I´ve been using MK2 quite a lot. I compared them and I “moved” my old mk2 presets to mk3 manually, In other words, I manually dialed each preset into mk3 and saved it as a new preset. You have to be careful about the gain settings in my experience, as mk3 seems to be a little louder when using the same settings. After that I have no need for keeping mk2.

      • I wanted to correct a typo in my previous post. I meant, ” I just tried it out. ” (first line)

        @Helter Skelter, I don’t exclusively use MK2. I think i jumped a bit with my review though. I change it now :P.. It does sound similar.. On MK3 release time settings have been changed, so that is important to know before transferring presets from mk2 to mk3 visually. (That was the mistake I made)

        The color knob is great too. I like the way it warms up.. initially my thoughts were it was too much warming, but now i think they could come in real handy in some situations (zingy hh, horns etc.).

        Sorry for the trouble.. cheers

    • says:

      Yea, the internal 0 dBVU seems a little bit different. Tesla is going to be epic!

  19. Although they are both soft-knee compressors, I like how different they sound from each other. (Density MK3 vs ThrillseekerLA)
    Once again, thank you very much for these plugins! 🙂

  20. David Perry says:

    Boy, this thing sounds seriously huge! Compares to UAD and Waves favorably. Thanks Bootsy!

  21. I have been trying this out a few times… I noticed the color knob can be used upto about 20 percent. anything above it seems too extreme (mastering scenario).

  22. says:

    Color 100% for some smashed drums goodness! You continue to exceed expectations! This thing is massive. Will be replacing MKII (was using that pretty extensively on my master bus). Also love the option of having a faster release!

  23. mathias says:

    this is just great! i never really got the results i wanted with version mkII. it kind off stuffed the sound too much for my taste and needs.
    but this one is instantly entering my toolbox. the depth really stays open and defined, even with higher colorsettings. the settings for attack and release are spot on and the autorelease is a nice option.
    this is the third plugin after baxterEQ and thrillseekerLA, which really convinces me.
    many thanks for these great, free!!!!, plugins,

  24. Hi guys,

    Great plugin as always. BootEq and Density are probably my most used plugins. Especially for semi-professionals (like I am), it’s great to get nice-soundin plugins without spending much money.

    Does anyone else think about what would happen, if Bootsies plugins became real hardware?! I think I would be poor because of buying all of his gear. But WAIT: it’s all free 🙂

    Bootsie: Since you seem to be quite an analog gear fan, did you ever think of building a hardware unit of your plugs? Even if it may just be a dream/thought?

    Keep up the good work!
    Beste Grüße,

  25. Perfect….now we need a Bootsy Limiter/Maximizer 🙂

  26. Brilliant, thank you guys!
    any chance we can have all the old presets from MkII to be updated to MK3?

  27. All three statefull saturation plugs are (imho) streets ahead of anything else I’ve heard while each implementation has a distinctly different character ,stunning ! ! ! .

  28. It is an impressive tool for mastering. When you know how to tweak to get the maximum loudness and sonic power from it you will be surprised, and yet smoothy sound.
    Stunning free product with a nice and easy to use GUI.
    It is in my VST mastering tools folder from now. Thanks.

  29. VERY punchy and fat compressor! I like the way it sound! I’d use it in every my new track, but sometimes it turns itself off if I use several instances of MKIII (same with Thrillseeker). Am I alone in my problem? (Win7 x64, Reaper x64)

  30. Fantastic sound,super,hyper….thankx….and free

  31. I heard so much about density mk3 so i downloaded it .i will leave my comments once i’ve put it through its pacers.

  32. Why no audio unit format? or at least a vst that’s a .dmg download, I can’t even try this stuff on my mac :/

  33. Problem with Presonus StudioOne
    Dear Herbert, the mkIII is wonderful but I cannot instatiate more than two in Presonus StudioOne.
    When there are three or more running, the second or the third instance “freak out” and peak the CPU once every second or two.

    I tried it on empty stereo tracks, no GUI showing, little or no movement on screen (except Performance meter, of course).
    I tried it both on my home system (XP, S1 32 bit) and on my portable one (Win7, S1 64bit, jBridge).

    Any kind of help would be appreciated.

  34. Mangelo Conti says:

    After using Density and the whole Variety Of Sound suite. and understanding the phylosophy behind it, you wonder how could you mix without them before. This is well beyond a matter of quality of the sound or well-functioning plugins, it lays on the field of inspiration, dreams, and of course the feeling behind the sound. I couldn’t feel more thankful for this material. Highly recommended! Btw, I suggest everyone that tries it to read carefully the manuals, it’s not only helpful but helps understanding all the features and the Variety of Sound phylosophy.

  35. the link via Dropbox is dead…. do yo hav any new link to sownload vst 😉 ?

  36. density is are exelent efect

  37. Wow ! Absolutely Fantastic Update! I’m loving it, I love both version cause I’ve been using it for years and worked great on many mixes, however I see a lot of potential and more versatility with this version! Anyways, thank you 🙂


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