the never ending “what comes next ” speculation

So, what sort of Variety Of Sound affair might appear next? Place your bet here …


  1. I’m guessing an EQ…

  2. I’m guessing a delay of some sort. Really enjoy the sound and functionality of “Nasty DLA”, so I’m excited to see what you are working on.

    • Kyle McComb says:

      That’d be nice. Nasty DLA is nice, but not my favorite delay. Maybe saturation and more filtering in a delay unit? Also tape sim./ modulation… Please?

  3. Luciano says:

    Of course something that includes your recent saturation approach or maybe some sort of multiband plugin.

  4. Daniël says:

    Either some mastering limiter, or something totally out of the box (something like the Dada Life Sausage Fattener, but more abstract).

    Actually, I think we’ll all be fine as long as you keep rockin’ on!

  5. Chipset77 says:

    A (clean) limiter ?? ! I´m pretty disapointed after testing my “DDMF Nolimits” on the VST analyzer and discovering after several months that I´m passing my entire mixes on something that colous the sounds on some way. A limiter should be invisible . That´s why I´d love to see here 🙂 thanks!

  6. its gonna be a eq or something with “stateful saturation”

  7. Some valve preamp/saturation stuff?

  8. What it might be…hm…maybe a multiband compressor, maybe a airband thingy or a m/s saturation toy…but honestly, i will be happy with whatever flavor your cookies are coming!


  9. A metering/analyzer all-in-one pinguin a like vst tool please. Hmm, egal, will seee 😉

  10. Jay Key says:

    Well, for the next 2 plugins for the Thrillseeker series, I bet for :
    – multimode saturation plugin
    – fully-featured mastering EQ

  11. I hope something that works for mastering too…Vitalizer type eq!…but better than vitalizer 🙂

  12. I think an simple Expander/Gate in addition to the Density MK II would be great. Or maybe a sexy ultra fast and thight FET Style compressor 😀

  13. Richard says:

    I’m guessing a saturation plugin or EQ?

  14. I think it will be some kind of awesome plugin:)

  15. Whatever you want to do next is fine with me.

  16. Kyle McComb says:

    If I had to guess, a preamp sim, would be real nice. A straight up saturator or exciter would be cool too. I hope at least, would be awesome. Ya know, a clipper/limiter using the new stateful saturation would be really cool… Just a thought…

  17. Räuber says:

    A guitar-amps-sim… 😉

    Or maybe a Böschungshobel?


  18. Guitar amp simulation or some kind of overdrive/distortion thingy.

  19. What about a analog style denoiser. Without the multiband filtering, and a little lookahead to save the transients. would be brilliant for those of us that don’t like the phasy denoiser sounds…

  20. I’m also guessing that it would be an EQ of some nature or a BBD, but I’d really like to see some bug fixes and mkII. The reason I come here at all is quality of your plugs, and it would be nice if you would fix all the insignificant (they can all pretty much be worked around), but annoying bugs.

    With the release of ThrillseekerLA, you could almost finish a mix just with your plugins. I use some convolution reverbs, fatso, Cambridge EQ, 1176, ozone, and occasionally LA 2A here and there… for everything else, I use your plugs… so I would say that you’ve pretty much covered everything pretty well. Some ideas (you know, just in case you are looking for some)…

    Although ThrillseekerLA could be pretty fast, a FET style compressor with similar kind of options found in the inter stage of ThrillseekerLA would be pretty cool.

    Transient shaper with some non linear goodness (weren’t you working on one wayyy earlier?). I haven’t tried any of the pay ware ones (I don’t feel like I need them… but would be nice to have) but all the freeware ones sound okay at best. I never go ‘Ohhhh yeaaaa’ to myself like I do with your plugins (sometimes). Usually it’s some clicky instrument I’m trying to improve (working towards a more bright but full sound… Nasty HF and fatso are usually pretty helpful, but I believe that better is attainable), or add just a tiny bit of snap to drums that already sounds great.

    I love how in ozone, you get to pick what style of saturation you want. All I’m saying is, Nasty series mkII! Look at all the people copying your one knob design!

  21. I’d vote for a simple, yet elegant semi-parametric eq. Just a fixed hi and lo shelf with a wide bell, wide range parametric mid (250Hz to 5kHz) for fast mixing and tracking applications. Twist a knob or two and you’re done.

    I still miss tweaking the eq on my funky old Portastudio 464 for lightning fast results, but BootEqMkll really comes very close to that experience!

  22. I’m guessing a new tape, transformer, or other similar effect using stateful saturation.

  23. Kevin Kitchel says:

    Linux versions?!?!?!?!

  24. A mastering limiter would be great

  25. A Guitar amp simulator.

  26. If it’s just voting for what we want, then I would say yeah, definitely an updated Nasty series. Perhaps an all in one Nasty EQ, and a redone TableTop. We know it’s at least something with a place that would be a good idea to put stateful saturation anyways.

  27. Audiogeek says:

    Clean mastering limiter would be great but whatever you release, I’ll be using!

    • A mastering limiter from Bootsy would be trance inducing IMHO! Something that would be inline with Slate Digital’s FGX. I’d even be willing to do the GUI for free!

  28. I would like to see a very clean single band mastering limiter with dither . 🙂

  29. +1 for limiter
    or a 20hz-20khz de-esser

  30. +1 for a bucket brigade delay simulation

  31. guitarist99 says:

    How about the whole range of your plugins in 64bit? And how about mac? Upcoming Mounting Lion release. For example. AU etc.?

  32. Transparent briсkwall limiter with saturation(tube or transformer) section would be very useful)

  33. Limiter with saturation and a superb RMS/peak meter integrated.

  34. 1.some sort of 1176 with limiting options with your stateful saturation or updated delay with ability to choose different sequenced patterns for the delay ,like soundtoys
    3.some sort of cool filter with drive or guitar amp sim

    maybe we can start a blog on presets or Bootsy effect chains for certain applications…the presets
    really help in showing what the plugins can do and with combinations we can get really
    sophisticated sounds…
    4.more tips and/or presets for doing full mix and mastering with pure Bootsy!

    • 4. Great idea! Experienced users that use your plug-ins should chip in and show how they use their Bootsy setups! Maybe a forum of sorts?

    • +1 for the Urei 1176 clone + stateful saturation. The only thing I envy in Pro Tools is that Bomb Factory BF76. Otherwise, Pro Tools users make me giggle like a girl!

  35. How cool would it be to have something like a Massive Passive mastering EQ from Bootsy!
    And on top of that, I would love a SSL style bus compressor!!

    • susiwong says:

      Density II does everything my SSL Duende Buscomp does, same for the UA PBC and a whole lot more … haven’t used anything but Density II and/or FerricTDS for bus compression ever since they came out.
      I bet ThrillseekerLA will be interesting on groups/master, too – not least due to the unique separation between totally transparent compression and stateful saturation.
      Ymmv …

      • Dean Aka Nekro says:

        My millage is very similar here susiwong and It is no mean feat. Its only a few other that still remain for my taste/needs. waves api 2500, sonalksis tkb-3/uber compressor plus others, However as i further get more time to spend i would bet that it should be only a matter of time that some of the stuff still standing bows down. Mid/Side duties for compression is always Density II and/or Vglad’s Molot beast.
        free (not even “cheap”) Thrills totally FTW! 😉

      • I like Density MKII a lot and I also use it in many of my projects.. but it’s not the only flavour I like on my 2-buss. That’s why sometimes it’s the Density MKII, another project I might prefer the sound of the UAD Neve 33609 compressor, and other situations I prefer the sound of the Waves SSL stereo bus compressor. Different compressor with different character. That’s why I would be happy to see a new bus compressor that is made with the same high quality algorithm that is found in the new ThrillseekerLA plugin.

  36. Sonic Silk says:

    My first bet was a guitar amp – because there is a huge range of classic tools. After all this, maybe it’s time for something special. A class a, zero feedback tube amp, that’s quite – yeah: rock’n’roll. We have transformer and tube saturation… Thats quite hot stuff. Speaker eq curve schould be quite easy, because it’s pretty much like a phase shifting eq.
    But there are some unsolved problems: speaker compression, air compression at loud levels and ambience.
    So maybe later…
    But after all the imd stuff, maybe a clean eq for surgical intervention. The one you need for cleaning your vocals an mastering.

  37. tajikawaoo says:

    no to lookahead brickwall limiters please!!! there are already tons (even for free), and all they do is de-vitalize your mix..use a combo of saturation and multi stage compression,instead!
    but here there are my wishes
    1- a 3rd version of tessla implementing 2 modes: new algo and a simplified (only odd harmonics like the previous one, but stateful)
    2- a smooth dynamic eq driven by a versatile 3/4 band compressor with a saturation stage on top
    3- nasty vcs updated to thrills!
    of course, even if I don’t use it a lot, a phaser or any other phase/delay effect driven by this algo could be really interesting if overdriven, specially on synths

  38. I’d be happy about some kind of harmonic distortion effect (in logical progression to your saturation algorithm), maybe with multiple frequency bands. Because I have loads of simple distortion effects, but most of them are not really usable, as they introduce so much non-harmonic frequency content and make everything sound like a bucket full of cans.

  39. A Walkman simulator vst effect 😀

    Configurable wow, flutter and saturation. Tasty!

  40. Would be nice to see:
    – filter (hi pass, low pass) with you new saturation for various purposes
    – distortion effect with some special things (for guitar, synthesizer, drums).
    – exciter :).

  41. More and different compressors using your stateful saturation DSP.

    Design types
    Feed back
    Feed forward

    Compressor types
    Diode bridge
    Opto (optical)

    Cross out the compressor types which you have already created a plug-in for. I do believe in feedback. 😉

  42. “Variety of Sound presents:

    The most realistic recreation ever, of that vintage sound of the uber-rare, Nasty series of plug ins. To accomplish this previously elusive feat, we did more that just compare the sound quality, we re-enacted the entire process of creating the original plug-ins!

    First, we had a few beers and took apart every module. Then we had a few more beers and examined the way every line of code and every pointer affected the signal. Then, more beers and when were totally drunk, inspiration struck: to get that true Nasty sound, we retyped every line of code in the same programmers editor and compiled it with the same compiler, running on an identical, 2003 Pentium 4!

    The final piece of the puzzle was in place when our stellar UI artists came to our place, got drunk with us and finished their exhaustive, pixel by pixel recreation of the UI.

    Please note: this will be a limited edition. We spilled beer on the PC and the hard drive died after only 20 copies were made and no more will ever be produced. Don’t be left out!”

    Disclaimer: I made up the part about the beers and drinking but everything else I read somewhere on the Internet!.

  43. Maybe a device in the vein of Reason’s Pulverizer, but with the Bootsy twist.

  44. Brickwallllllimiter!!!!!

  45. bananovitch says:

    how about a vst instrument? I know you create effects, but damn, a Bootsie VA synth would be awesome.

  46. bananovitch says:

    *I meant bootsy. Don’t drink and type.

  47. Would be great a Non-Linear Summing Plugin or +1 for a brickwall limiter…. but everything is welcome!

  48. Yeah, some kind of Walkman radio sound effect would rock. But whatever it is, it’s sure to sound warm and tasty. Thrillseeker is the best VST of its kind I’ve ever heard in action and I’ve downloaded and tested literally hundreds of them. Tossed in with a few other things, my music just oozes tasty 1970s style goodness.

  49. … plug ins for airguitarists

  50. a nasty eq and a console like emulation with differents models will be great …

  51. I’d like to see a Thrillseeker160.

  52. I dream of Mac compatible version of you plugs! Could that be coming next, perhaps?

  53. Is there a brickwall limiter plugin shortage that I’m not aware of?

  54. i’m really excited about the UA vintage cosole they show in their video…
    perhaps a tube interface to emulate that 610 sound… we’ll put it on every channel in the 1st slot…

  55. Amplitude Modulation with Bootsy saturation? (DUBSTEP)
    FET Grahic Display/Surgical Infinite parametric EQ combo with Bootsy saturation? (MASTERING)
    True Peak Limiter/ Meter with Bootsy saturation? (MASTERING)

    is everyone abandoning analog audio mastering, or do you truely believe we can emulate the mastering used with million dollar studios?

    I use Density on the 2bus to glue every mix. Best bus compressor out period. and free. You guys are killin the game wiith each plugin. Awesome. and thanks agaain..

  56. osx versions 😉

  57. Dean Aka Nekro says:

    No thanks to a “transparent” peak-/brickwall-limiter with “Colourful” stateful saturation. The contradiction there is astounding! Surgical Equalizer with stateful saturation implemented would
    not in my very honest humble opinion make sense either. Now a dynamic eq with say upto 4-bands implementing frequency concious stateful saturation (with or without dynamic/level) dependance – I like the sound of that, Like the sound of that alot…actually love it. An guitar guitar or bass guitar pre-amp/power-amp type thing does not appeal as I have that covered, I have yet to find anything ‘In The Box’ which comes close to what i have/need/prefer bar using such processors like ThrillseekerLA, FerricTDS, TeslaSE/Pro, Voxengo’s free BoogieX plus the old Alien Connections ReValver II (Do not wish to ‘upgrade’ to Peavey MkIIIDot5 thing as guitar loudspeaker wise Peavey’s offerings are again in my very humble honest opinion naff mostly, Their Bass and PA loud speaker’s fair much better. So my needs it would be a waste of money) along with others chained together for power-amp style compression (oh and must say that Two Notes Engineering’s Torpedo-PI Free plugin is really rather fantastic in that role/chained up in series with others plus it works really well in many other roles with the mic’d cab section bypassed! Give it a try if you have not, Drumkit it works for me on) then after the processors to take on the role of a power-amp (via using a number of different pedals and amps/pre-amps….As long as the amp has a series FX Loop then DI’ing it is simples 🙂 ) are done Its Mic’d Speaker Cabinet IRs, That is as good as it gets for electric guitar ‘ITB’ for me as firstly a guitar player – Using the best of both worlds, Still if/when push comes to shove then i would always go with my pedals, amps/cabs/combos mic’d up the good old way but using both methods together yields very flexable results i find. YMMV on that one big time and I am not saying anything is better/superior here just personal preference/experience. Anyway excuse my rattling on, Whatever comes next I am sure that it shall be top-notch even if said something is exactly what I personally am not after or mentioned in this very post as ‘makes no sense really to myself’. It has got my grey matter out of idling 😉 Oh a suggestion for Herbert/Patrick to go for a VoS synthesizer!!! I do not know what to say on that one as I do not synth/am very unclued up on the vast area, I do like synthesis and do listen to rather alot more electronic based music than being the 100% metalhead lifer I always come accross as. I would have to put this question forwards though: How do synth? ¯\(°_o)/¯
    All the best to everyone as always, Dean 😀

  58. Speculation leads to idea banks leads to great products

    What i would want? Simple: You had these old rhytm boxes with rhytm presets sunch as
    waltz and bossa nova and mars and you name it. Thats exactly what i want in a delay tail.

    In short: Midi driven groovedelay.

  59. A Fatso kind of saturator???

  60. A maximizer that could replace L2 would be very appreciate!

  61. Many before me suggested a new amp sim… Rather than that, wouldn’t be awesome a “guitar processing” tool? Its main goals would be warming the sound of an amp sim with some sort of saturation, making it more realistic and “alive”… This is often a problem when recording guitar direct… Obviously some of these tasks could be done with ferric for example, but a dedicated tool would be really interesting, knowing your mastery about this matter…

  62. A subharmonic Oscillator!

    • actually something which replaces the waves rbass or maxxbass…these plug ins are very useful
      in making the bass and kick audible on small speakers….I don’t know of anything that can replace
      those plugs….

  63. Ah…the ThrillseekerFC670 would be heaven 🙂

  64. Analog summing and impedance behaviour simulation with stateful saturation!

    Maybe a little plug-in on each channel which tells a (summing)bus plug-in how to react, to give that real analog summing depth.

  65. Preamps/EQ in the art of neve or api !! Pleasee!!

  66. I dream about something very few ppl think about : a dynamic speaker sim for guitar/bass/anything.
    For now, you got the choice between :
    -freq based sim, from simple EQ to comb filter, not very realistic
    -impulses : not dynamic, only an EQ on steroid
    -Nebula speakers (try OwnHammer ones, they rules) : very realistic, but you need to pay for full Nebula to use them

    A sort of dynamic modeled speaker sim, or an enhancer for impulses (like CabEnhancer from acmebargig) would be something very fresh and rare 😀

  67. a console emulation would be great, an EMI console.

  68. with all the excitement of the new stateful saturation Bootsy has applied we should
    maybe get a mother of all distortion plug ins-incorporating valve,tube,console analog summing stuff,
    tape,eq phase shift stuff ,sub-harmonic etc. and being able to choose which frequencies and how much (exactly like Thrillseekerla saturation module except being to layer different distortion types at different levels/frequencies)-) this way we can paint the sound with different layers of paint,subtle or radical-the different distortion can also be used in M/S for different widening tricks-

    Ferric is already lauded as one of the best tape plug ins at any price-
    I think Bootsy can expand this concept sort of like Ferric/tesla/ etc. on steroids

  69. Multiband chains with compression and extra distortion (tds) for each band.

  70. neilwilkes says:

    I’d dearly love to see surround support added – and would also be very happy to pay for this functionality too.
    Currently, I have to use 3 insert slots for every process & that really takes up valuable mixer space…..
    if anyone else is interested, perhaps we should talk about the best way to implement this? The way Aleksey does this for the Voxengo range works well in VST2 – although VST3 would be great as well as it also allows sidechaining from the host, but the surround implementation in most VST3 plugins is dreadfully inadequate as it uses multi-mono global parameters (not good).

  71. I’d love to see either a multi-band compressor like waves C4. On the other hand I’d also like to see a delay unit similar to the one in Logic. A guitar amp sim would be nice, a bass amp sim even better.
    How about a broadcast loudness meter!

    Let’s face it, whatever it is it’ll be amazing. It always is.

  72. Joost Andrae says:

    I’d like to see a stable declipper and denoiser vst that is capable to process a wav file of > 1 GB size

    removing clipping
    removing rumble sound
    removing 50 hz/60 hz hum
    maybe including an exciter to enhance high frequencies

  73. mic preamp / preamp plugin!… please?

  74. I love your plugins so whatever you come up with I am sure will be great. I also love the way they look, so this is not a criticism but it would be cool to have some new plugins with a more modern “graphical” interface (if that is the correct term). Like a lot of people these days I don’t use a lot of hardware so virtual knobs don’t mean much to me. Knobs were meant for fingers, not a mouse. For things like eqs it’s far easier to simply drag points on a display screen and being able to quickly manipulate the q value with the scroll wheel. You not only hear the results but you can instantly see how someting is set without having to squint at little numbers next to “knobs”.

  75. I would love to see a 10 band graphic EQ for the master buss.

  76. Well seeing as you have a lot of general plugins that sound amazing i would love to see a limiter. That would complete the setup of a fully featured plugin list from you. Especially if your like me and already have the nasty series plugins

  77. thatone.

  78. StevenMikel says:

    I’m voting for a brickwall limiter like,some other are.A good brickwall limiter would give us everything we need to mix and master our music.One thing to think about though;a compressor set to a ratio higher than 10:1 is a limiter.But,I like to have a dedicated limiter instead of a compressor set up as a limiter.

  79. Voting for AGC with peak, rms & BS1770 modes. Or even better, unstateful saturation like this

  80. KohuGaly says:

    Transient designer would be cool… there are very few software transient designers (I’ve found I think two freeware both pretty old ones) but I use them quite offend…

  81. Thomas M says:

    A room-sound-optimizer with a geolocation feature. It will find your place at google maps and automatically optimize the sound of your daw according to the room you are in. At least I could use something like that.

  82. I’d say a tape machine

  83. Please consider releasing the stateful saturation circuit from Thrillseeker as a separate plugin!

  84. With the advent of Tessla Pro and Nasty DLA MKII on the way, it just hit me. Why not a Bootsy Split Harmonizer? The code from Nasty DLA MKII and the stateful saturation algorithm would make a Split Harmonizer another great tool from Variety of Sound since one is not yet available. 😉

    Check out the Eventide H910 and H3000 Harmonizers for reference.

  85. a virtual analog synth!

  86. A Mid/Side EQ. That would be incredible!

  87. morgannunan says:

    I hope it’s a drippy spring reverb.

  88. First of all, I wanted to thank you for doing these plugins, it’s unbelievable you’re giving these away for free. Density MKII is my go-to bus compressor, better than any other commercial plugin I’ve heard.
    Regarding suggestions, I’d like to see some of these:

    1.)Algorhitmic reverb, modern version of Epic Verb. Something like Aether/Breeze or ValhallaRoom.
    2.) Parametric EQ with built-in freq analyzer.
    3.) Nice, clean, transparent limiter like Oxford Limiter for example.

    Thank you and all the best!

  89. harmonic exciter

  90. another statefull plugin to make overpriced developers weep at their inability to compete sonically

  91. Something with the unique imaging,depth and architecture of density1(which still kicks ass) +stateful saturation would possibly be another candidate for yet another giant killer and a usefull alternative tool in the arsenal .

  92. Is there an graphic-EQ which acts ‘absolute’ and not ‘relative’?
    I mean … you can push or pull down frequencies with an nomal EQ. But what about drawing an EQ-curve that represents the average frequencies of the material. So you don’t work like “what’s the audio like? Ok, it needs more mids and less lows” you go like “My favorite curve for an guitar recording looks like this!” and the new EQ cuts frequencies where is too much and pushes frequencies is necessary…
    Additional there is a limiter/compressor/gain build in represented with a line in the diagramm. this is the desiered laudness in RMS (or peak? or …i dont know…)
    I guess with these functions it has to be an offline-effect … maybe it could have an x-secound look-ahead?!?!?

    (was this clear? my englisch is so bad!)

  93. A Virtual Console system utilizing state-full saturation and dynamics.

  94. tonmanns says:

    I guess it would be a multiband compressor with m/s and a built in limiter.

  95. What about transoprting the code of NastyDLA with some modulation features to NastyChoirUS? 😀

  96. i would like to see stateful sat added to nasty vcs, take it its on the cards ??

  97. A Distressor or similar drum muncher

  98. I’d love a mastering limiter/brickwaller type thing. The Slate FX-G is very very cool but it’d be nice with another take on it as it definitely doesnt work with everything. I normally use Elephant to get the mix up to zero.

    A really nice sounding filter would be cool too. So far the free Nebuala filters are some of the best but it’d be great to have an alternative with more control.

    +1 on the virtual console also.

    Really looking forward to the next Tessla plug 😉 It’s a little hard giving recommendations when everything you’ve done lately is really good!

  99. Come to think of it, the thing i need most is better reverb. I use epicverb loads but there is room for improvement, it does have a tendency to get metallic.

  100. As mentioned a few day earlier, what about transporting the code of NastyDLA with some modulation features not just to NastyChoirUS but also to NastyPhase R and NastyFlange R.
    Aaaaand: a VSD (virtual summing device) with, let´s say, 8 inputs (for multichannel input in Cubase or modular hosts)?

  101. martinharp says:

    Mac VST or AU versions? 🙂 In a perfect world, great plugins are cross-platform. In Nirvana, they are free as well.

  102. I think it’s time for advanced exciter.. or something more innovating, like grafphic eq with half-automated matching freqs system between selected tracks:) it could be usefull for mixing process.

  103. errr…. something that dramatically changing the color of sound (like decapitator) but without awful digital artifacts

  104. I’m willing to guess, this mystery plug-in will be a real-time convolution reverb. Or some higher quality reverb than epicVerb, which is a feat in itself! It’s like trying to out do a Ferrari!

  105. soundshigh says:

    I am hoping for a limiter or saturation maximizer of the “Inflator” type.

  106. I hope Multiband Density Limiter or any Multiband Limiters. I would like to see a new concept to vocoding with FFT Eq and Filtering. I would like to see more 3/4/6 band parametric eq’s and modulation effects with multi lfo’s and oscillators waves.

  107. I would love all VOS offerings as Rack Extensions for use in Propellerhead Reason…

    • ras, as long as bootsie uses synthmaker to build his marvellous creations, i´m afraid there´s 2 facts:
      – no mac versions
      – no reason rack extensions

  108. Aaron Whisnant says:

    I would love to see another channel strip with more functional dynamics. You know… gate, compression with more control over attack, ratio, etc. Everyone seems to do Neve clones (not that there is anything wrong with that) but I would love to see something in the Focusrite ISA full channel domain. Of course I don’t have a clue how difficult that would be but I’d love to hear it. Thanks for your fine work regardless!

  109. Statefull epicverb!

    • maybe thats not the right way to say it, but implementation of the non linear circuit and possibly saturation in epicverb would be interesting.

      • tajikawaoo says:

        well, I wouldn’t see a real need for something like that.. usually applying a saturation effect, makes the reverberated signal a lot less defined. also, in hardware audio equipment, the saturation stage would correspond to a simple input stage, since external reverbs (which are mechanic, algorithmic or spatial) don’t internally implement non-linear circuitry. Another thing is for some of those delay-based reverbs, that can be really dirty because of ICs, but you can achieve their effect with a few nasty dlas. If I were you, I would simply put a preamp preset of thrillseek or density pre/post reverb, and see what comes out. but, I repeat, if you overdo, you kill reverb’s “breath”
        and never stop creating.

  110. I’m sure we’ll get the a really bootsy, erm … nasty console emulation-pack that will make VCC look like a children’s toy. 🙂

  111. A complete channel would be my ultimate wish with everything incorporated from delay, gate, rev, eq, comp etc….all from the Bootsy range into one nice neat box of tricks, now THAT would be something to look forward to and could stand up to ANY other on the market!

    • I have only one wish: Being able to use the current bootsy plugin in Cubase 64bit without causing crashes.. Have not been able to use ‘m anymore since I made the switch to 64bit.

  112. Update for all plugins text fields for exact values ​​read and write. Like Waves plugins. That would be nice.

  113. Mac Plugs (please:))

  114. Nasty VCS mkII, a bit bigger sized for HD screens, with a reworked compressor featuring stateful saturation, please ;

    And EpicVerb 2

  115. A virtual console integrating all the VOS plug tech. Make it. Price it and I’ll buy it.

  116. DAW

  117. Thrillseeker XTC , did i win ?

  118. I’d like to see a Slate digital VCC type of emulation.

  119. please oh PLEASE let it be OSX-compatible versions of everything!

  120. the last thing you still don’t have here -> Multi-band Compressor <-

  121. Please, the FSU device! We already have enough EQ/dynamics

  122. I really like all of the plugins but I am now faced with not being able to use them in Cubase 7. Those plugins that are not SDK 2.4 or higher will be unusable under Cubase 7.

    • nevermind, all current VoS plugins are working fine here in C7.01/32, W7/64 afaics.
      Steinberg admitted that was simply one of their generic disclaimers (ok, they worded it differently 8-P ).
      Maybe someone can confirm for jbridged x64 ?

      happy new year to all, btw !

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