ThrillseekerXTC 1.0.1 update available


The update fixes issues concerning memory consumption and stereo width impression when using DRIVE/MOJO. The update is available in the downloads section.


  1. I had a feeling that something funny was going on with the image, the MOJO setting seemed to dampen the center a bit, don’t know if that’s right or wrong but doesn’t seem to be doing it now. Thanks again for your plugs, they are the dogs genitals.

    • Just wanted to say that this is an amazing sounding plugin. It sounds just beautyful. Still there seems to be a little problem with the left and right levels. The right level is exactly 1 db higher than the left one, when using the drive/ mojo section. I tested it on cubase 6.53/ Win XP using the 1.01 version of the plugin. I simply fed a sinus testtone into the plug. As far as my testing, it´s not frequency dependent. Right level stays 1db over the left one. But i dont care really. Sounds brilliant.

      Many thanks, Oliver

  2. grateful user says:

    thanks for update!!! :*

  3. if anybody interested in a fully automated Ableton Live’s Audio Effect Rack simulating a preamp-tape chain based entirely on bootsy plugins, drop me a line or click on my name ( if it’s not allowed, please Herbert just erase this comment. or write something here) it won’t include any plugin’s dll, just the .adg file. (based exclusively on DLA mk1 and xtc1.0.1)
    the basic concept is a fully featured chain with all the idiosincrasies of tape: a big role is played by the DLA modulation parameter that finally found his complement in the XTC mojo knob. something i’ve been expecting for a long time. the final effect, adjustable, is pretty damn similar to the “movement” and the color of Lou Reed’s Perfect Day”, with an added vibrance.
    Quite spectacular. Thanks Herb!!

  4. No mac versions right? 😦

  5. It s very helpful to make a beautiful melady

  6. Reblogged this on duART Studio Blog.

  7. Thanks a lot Bootsy. I Really dig this one but i have une question:
    Is this updated version stripped out of the “phasing” algorithm – i like to think of it as a kind of wow/flutter – of the “mojo” section?

  8. Thanks for this plug Bootsy – it is the best exciter I have ever used. I can finally get that nice airy vocal sound ITB! You are a legend.

  9. It s very helpful to make a beautiful melady

  10. d

  11. convictcat says:

    FO mac users, and get your Logic bundle for $200. Leave us PC users alone. 😛

    Didn’t know you were the guys behind the FerricTDS.

  12. Please put it on mac!

  13. Maxxwel says:

    you should make a new plugin


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