what I’m currently working on – Vol. 12


Cauz its just cool to have such a slick collection 🙂

And of course I better should have titled “what we are currently working on”.

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  1. Looks awesome, what choices do we get in the out stage, what analog niceties should we expect? 😀

  2. I’m getting goosebumps in excitement!!!!! That looks amazing indeed!!!!! XD

  3. chris macfarlane says:


  4. VU metering in-out? Those small VU meteres from Studer consoles would fit perfectly…And your GUI is much more better than TDL GUI’s…Just sayin.

  5. Very much liking the color layout…

  6. Like the Three Musketeers, ” All for one” — or something. We live in exciting times when this trio of top free VST developers get together. Thanks folks.
    PS; I hope Vladgs’ name appears on the GUI too

  7. Hi there, will these be 64 bit?

  8. as long as it makes it go more louder. 🙂 ( I love all your plugins, even the not louder ones 🙂 )
    Thank you for all your efforts

  9. Is this both VST and AU?

  10. Look’s great….and kinda stoked

  11. Ezequiel Morfi says:

    that’s right, VLADG’s name should be there too even though he’d joined TDL before
    I like this GUI better than Patricks’s, to be honest
    other than that – you’re a genious man
    I do hope this EQ is differnt that the 10000 out there, HDR and everything

  12. Nice, looks like a pretty coloured EQ to me …

  13. Wonderful ! Are these 4 different sounding EQ’s (American, British, etc…) Really looking forward to using them! Will they be available in 64 bit ? Thanks very much.

  14. Looks really slick! 🙂 “Soviet” is red… “American” is pink? LOL I really dig the GUI. This will be your first plugin made without SynthMaker. Congratulations! 🙂

  15. Troels Jørgensen says:

    Will we see mac versions from now on?

  16. cause that’s what the audioworld needs, yet another fancy, warm, mojo, retro-innovative, super detailed, mega enhancing, creamy, air band shimmering, add-esoteric-buzzwords-here EQ.
    wait, it’s not one but 4? great. i got more equalizers than movies on my hard disk. XD

    • Ezequiel Morfi says:

      Honestly, that’s true.

      Coming from TDL and VoS and you I’m 100% sure this EQ will be awesome = but what will it do that current VST EQs can’t accomplish?

  17. It looks perfect 🙂 I think the statefull saturation has got better with each plug-in, if this is even more realistic than ThrillseekerVBL then it could be incredible.

    Most excited to see the Auto button by the output gain! Could this be the first EQ that actually does accurate volume matching on the fly? That would be a real revolution in workflow!

  18. awesome! can’t wait! 🙂

  19. Those knobs look slippery. I really like the VoS aesthetic, Tokyo Dawn Labs’ GUIs remind me of this knob on an old radio whose tuning dial was super smooth in a frustrating way. It was like treading sand.

  20. Can’t wait to check them out… :)… Thanks..

  21. Is this some innovative never done before stuff like SlickHDR or is this another EQ?

  22. Does it have M/S feature…?

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