released: TesslaPRO – a transient aware signal saturator


TesslaPRO, a transient aware signal saturator, is released by now as a VST audio plug-in for PC/Win compatible systems.

For more information on TesslaPRO see here and to download click through the Downloads tab in the navigation menue.


  1. kingocounty says:

    Awesome! I can hardly wait to load this up and try it out! Thanks!!!

  2. You’re THE BEST !

    Thanks for that.

    Will test it asap.

    Jay Key

  3. I downloaded the plugin and I…


    Seriously, this plugin beat all my expectations of it, and those expectations were pretty damn high already! πŸ˜€ Believe you me, you always manage to blow my mind with each new plugin! I can’t believe these plugins are free when you put so much heart and care into these to make sure they are as musical sounding as possible. I can’t think of any other so-called VA plugins that have that unmistakable analog quality other than your plugins. (Not even T-Racks 3 has you beat, and they wish they had you beat.)

    Thank you Bootsy for your standard of excellence and quality and understanding of what makes music music. I look forward to Nasty XTC, but in the meantime, take a rest, a vacation! You deserve it. πŸ™‚

    • somehow I’m going to get used to this video πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for all your feedback!

      • ROTFLMAO! πŸ˜† This is probably the last time I post the video, not the last time I post my gratitude. πŸ˜‰ Thanks again!

      • yeah, it’s very uncomfortable when you’re talking about that video and you say to another guy “Have you seen Jizz in my Pants?” then you realise what you’ve said… VERY uncomfortable :$

  4. Just downloaded it and gave it a try.

    Opens fine in Cubase SX3 and Wavelab 5. Works fine in both.
    (WinXP/Pro/SP3, quad core)

    Tried it on a drum group channel in Cubase and could hear it add some shine and sharpness to the mix of percussion instruments.

    Tried it on a fully mixed track in Wavelab and could hear it adding depth (three dimensionality) to the mix.

    This is going to be a useful tool.

    Thanks for this kind gift.

  5. Nice, been looking forward to this for some time now!

  6. haha, i literally just did a dance of giddy excitement waiting for it to download! thanks Bootsy!

    • I didn’t know Jason was a girl’s name!?
      J/K πŸ˜› (Couldn’t help myself πŸ™‚ )

      • haha, TesslaPro: exciting transients, or making excited transexuals out of the men who download it? well either way i’m a happy, dancing ambiguously-gendered lifeform with more control over the depth of his/her/its mixes.

  7. Freezproductions says:

    The improvement you did to Tessla is amazing. I love both the handling and the sound soo much more than in SE. This is going to be one of my favs.
    Thank you so much

  8. WOW!!! I just slapped it across the main mix of a song I have been working on and I’m blown away!! wider deeper one step closer to that classic sound!!! we have all been chasing I love it and rest of your plugins
    thanks so much

  9. It’s funny but I am having difficulty really hearing a big difference with this. TesslaSE is more upfront and very responsive (musical) when tweaking the knobs and buttons. With PRO I am banging it to the max with everything working overtime and all I can really hear is a difference in the lower region, more bass no real differences in other harmonics..and that is at FULL whack.

    Am i doing something wrong or is this intended to be a very subtle enhancement processor?

    A/B comparisons with TesslaSE shows a massive difference, across the harmonic spectrum, some advice please?

    • did you take a peek in the manual? I think making sure the incoming audio (the grey needle) is just hitting the red on the VU makes the most difference in that’s where Tessla works best (at least according to the man himself).

      I remember on the TesslaPro forum topic at KVR someone had mentioned in regards to studying “transient magics” that while there was definitely something very audible going on with the transients, there was very little change in the overall frequency response, and that taking an impulse response was more helpful in seeing the changes taking place, or something like that anyhow–I think Bootsy wrote a bit about that himself in the earlier TesslaPro write up he did here… it’s all way beyond my ability to understand, but whatever it’s doing there under that lovely VU and phat dials, I love it.

      I think the effect is quite a bit more noticeable too on a whole mix since one of the very pleasant side-effects that Bootsy discovered in his experiments was how it helps enhance the perception of space, which I have to say is really frickin cool. When I first loaded it up though, I just stuck it on a drum and bass group and while I could hear it was doing something, it wasn’t quite as impactful as I expected either, since I would often use TesslaSE in that situation. But when I stuck an instance of T-Pro in the master chain, it was just WOW.

      So I guess it’s important to just not expect to get the same results out of TesslaPro that you’d get out of TesslaSE since they’re quite different in how they work…

      • Hi Jason and thanks for your reply.

        Yeah I checked out the manual and tried it on all positions but really couldn’t tell any major differences apart from (as i said) a little bass boost

        Then I stuck TesslaSE on the same channel and WOW what a difference even without moving the input or saturation controls from zero (default) It screamed at me.

        I don’t know either this ain’t working properly for me or I am missing something or it’s just a very subtle effect, so subtle that it can hardly be heard? Perhaps I am expecting too much?

        Bootsy, your comments please.

  10. Excellent stuff sir – i used the regular tesslaSE on my latest album [link above] and this one will likely be all over my next one.

    Cheers for such fine work! Can’t wait for the NastyXTC too :]

    best regards,
    c. todd

  11. Bootsy, do you recommend to use tessla pro on every channel in a mix? to get that deep “3d sound” or mainly on sub groups and in the master chain?

  12. I’m using it mostly on group channels for that.

  13. NI Kore 2 dont see tessla(((((((

  14. susiwong says:

    Another groundbreaking release from Bootsie – many thanks to you for the awesome sound and to Patrick for the awesome looks.
    Tried it today on a few mixes, mainly on guitar and drums for a start, and it replaced UA’s Precision Maximizer in 3 out of 5 situations. None is better than the other, or as TesslaSE for that matter, different flavours for different signals, but the quality definitely is on the same level.
    As always with Bootsie’s plugins it’s a joy to use (the pro GUIs are a big part of this, too) and the range of the parameters is chosen wisely. It can be really subtle or quite drastic, depending on signal and context. Best of all, there is more to it than just dumb distortion/saturation. The transient control is so useful, especially on guitars and drums, I hope to see it in more plugins in the future.

  15. Bootsy, Kore2 dont see Tesla, fix it, please)))

  16. Major Edition says:

    Tessla Pro was definitely worth the wait. Once again, two thumbs up to Bootsy and Patrick on a job well done. I’m sure that Nasty XTC will also blow our minds when it’s ready and out. I’m sure I stand correct when I say that we are all proud of your work (plugins). They are simply amazing. Thanks a bunch for them.

  17. kingocounty says:

    What a good day I’ve had; I just loaded up Reaper 3.0 and TesslaPro. What an amazing plug; I’ve put it across the master buss on a few songs and the effect is hard to describe. I guess “depth” is the best word. The songs appear to be coming from slightly behind the speakers, as opposed to directly off the cones. Much like the sound of great analogue recordings. And the interface is beautiful and functional as well, not mired with dozens of knobs and sliders. If you ever make it to Lunenburg, NS let me know so I can take you out for supper!

  18. Someone mentioned some sort of spacious perception of the sound. Thats true!! I couldnΒ΄t believe it first but it sounds as it came out of a tunnel or something like that depending on the dial-in-settings. I put this plugin on the master-bus and i think it fits there very well.

    How did you make it? Is it a “per transient – phase-shifting-effect”?

  19. This is a subtle effect, you would need good monitoring to hear what it is doing. But what it does, it does very well,. it sounds more tape like that most saturation plugins ive ever heard.

    Yes the 3d sound is there, its like with out it, the mix is a bit boring and flat, 2D, blank paper, with it on, there is some sort of smearing, its more exciting with it on. But this is a very subtle thing. Nothing like the old Tessla that was aggressive and obvious.

    My sweetspot on my master bus is
    add a tiny bit of bass maybe 1Oclock. Drive very low, zero, up to 10: O clock.
    Transient, about 2- 3 O clock. And i am using the boost button as i dont drive my bus very hard,

    • Thanks Aaron,

      that kind of explains it to me now, I was thinking maybe I was dong something wrong.

      I naturally assumed that this being the updated Pro version of TesslaSE, that it would be as prominent and aggressive as the former….. Obviously not.

      Anyhow I do have very revealing monitors now ADAM P11A so i can hear something but very very subtle.

      If this is the intention of Tessla Pro than fine, I will work with it some more and try to get to grips with it’s subtleties.

      Thanks for your comments and advise on your setup, it has been helpful.

      ..and again thank you Bootsy for your tireless hard work and giving us these tools.

  20. This is my settings on the master bus, its very subtle but the mix just sounds fuller rounder and more exciting with it on.

    I think using less settings sounds better than maxing it all out.

  21. Major Edition says:

    I just got back from experimenting with Tessla Pro. I’ve said this before and I will say it again. Bootsy is simply a genius. I’m always wondering what he is thinking and what he is up to next. You are a life saver Bootsy. Your plug-ins are breaking grounds and leveling the VST plug-in field.

    Thanks a lot.

  22. Thank you very much Bootsy. god bless you ..

    Kind regards

  23. Thanks Bootsy and Patrick

    Great features, GUI and sound πŸ˜‰

    I can talk a lot about your very good job, but i will only say :

    TRY THEM ALL !!!

    And you will see… and hear πŸ˜€

    Bye !!!

  24. Freddie says:

    Sounds great. real punchy! =)

    Test it with VISTA 64bit, SONAR 8, Producer 64bit. Works perfect with Bit-bridge!


  25. Sorry guys, I have tried and tried and been so open minded, but this plugin is just too subtle for me to hear it. I can only hear an increase in bass when i turn up the bass knob, but that’s about it. A very different plugin to the original TesslaSE which I love!
    I also have very good monitors and can hear the slightest change in signals, eq, reverb, compression (ADAM P11a) but either I am going deaf, or this is going above my head. Either way I feel really angry with myself cause I am not fully appreciating the hard work you have put into this Bootsy.
    I just don’t get it.

    Should I also have to increase the output volume to get the difference? but that just makes it louder …I am stomped.

    • ha33y
      I know what you mean, but you are listening for more of a distorted saturated sound, that not what this does. Stick it on a BUS and use headphones, A/B it and your will hear it sound more stereo. less flat and more 3D sounding. It is very subtle i agree, but this thing works well.

      • Ok Aaron, thanks for the info and advice, problem is that if I can’t hear it on speakers what’s the point, I mean ppl use speakers not headphones all the time right?

        If only it was a little more upfront or noticeable that would be soooooo cool!

        Anyhow it’s probably just me, it’s just that when I turn a button I wanna hear something no matter how small…something, anything!

        No offense to you Bootsy, your work is brill mate, just this beautiful plug isn’t giving me the wow factor, but as I say it’s probably just me.

        ..keep on truckin’!

        • As already said here it’s mostly subtle unless you hit it hard or boost (assuming your 2bus is leveled around 0dBFS) but then it should be clearly audible.
          Maybe there is really something going wrong with this plug-in in your enviroment and not properly working. To figure that out just get in touch with me (you already have my email I think, if not so just drop me a note here with yours again please).
          A good practise is to use this in front of each stereo compressor in your whole mix. Just juse the default setting. Do an export twice, one with and one without them. Compare.
          Beside that I would like to mention that our hearing and perception needs to be developed like all other skills as well (and this can take years). Just one of a thousend is that gifted from the very beginning on. I remember when I started to work in a studio project where the rooms where fully treated. After returning back from some sessions into my home studio I’ve really heard the very first time consciously the bass response of the (to that time untreated) room.

  26. although already happy with TesslaSE i’m very curious about the Pro version – thanks for all the good work !

  27. I love this plugin. It’s totally amazing, and for sure this idea (and mainly that you NAILED it’s implementation) has got to be a first. Thank you SO much for not rushing to get this thing released. Never rush anything you do, please. πŸ˜€

    Secondly, I would like to comment that all of your plugins take a VERY long time to load on my audio computer (like 15+seconds), and seem to take even longer if I have audio going through the chain they are getting added to (like nearly a minute sometimes!!!).

    Is this because of Synthedit possibly causing a race condition with your own code? Would it be possible to have Synthedit just pass-through the audio until your core DSP code is ready to get patched in? I’m not sure what would be causing the problem, as I’ve never used Synthedit, but having audio running through it while it’s loading makes the problem way worse.

    I’m willing to help you test this if you don’t know of anyone else with the problem. E-mail me. πŸ™‚

    mastering engineer

    p.s. some of the top drum & bass coming out recently has TesslaPRO on it, thanks to you and me.

    • If you still suffer from loading times with Synthmaker (not Synthedit) plug-ins then you probably have large amounts of system fonts installed on your system. Remove the non standard ones as an interim solution.
      However, I’ve reported that already to the Synthmaker crew once ago and they promised to fix it in the upcoming compiler version.

      • Oh wow, I hope so. Bad bug. πŸ˜‰ And yea, I have like 2500 fonts cos I also do some design work. Better than when I was in full-time design and hard-core backend website coding (i helped found among other work)… back then i had over 10,000 fonts installed. lol.

        Thanks for the info.

  28. Genius. Quite mysterious compared to se which acted like an analog boost to my ears. Pro seems more like expensive hardware and I dont event have anything to compare it to. I used se successfully on the master bus and it gave the mix that iron core that said yeah im a transformer. Pro says this is gear you will never be able to afford. nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh Genius.

  29. sunny_j says:

    hey bootsie… where did the tesslaSE update go? still waiting here πŸ™‚

  30. Jazzy Pidjay says:

    The first time is tried TesslaPro i was expected something wrong, and just close the plugin after some quick tweaking without finding anything usefull….

    DAMNED I was so wrong… but because of the quality and originality in concepts of every VoS plugins, i was pretty sure that i was missing something, but can’t really find what !


    I can’t thank you enough for this piece of art, i use it on almost every mix, because there’s so many situations where it just give the final touch, the one that make all the difference in the world.

    Clearly it’s not intended for the first phase of the job, when you roughly set the volumes, the eq and so on….

    But once your mix start to get good, you already know that this little baby TesslaPro will set your work appart from the crowd.

    SO GOOD i have to tell you that again ! it’s my favorite plugin in all your range, and the only one i was not find good at start.

    I wish for all of us, that you will continue to bring so good and original ideas like that, so well put together and so more usefull than thoses 1176 an Pulteq emulations we se everywhere…



  1. […] released: TesslaPRO – a transient aware signal saturator TesslaPRO, a transient aware signal saturator, is released by now as a VST audio plug-in for PC/Win compatible […] […]

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