Density mkII – reworking the usage concept

Density mkII

Density mkII

Already just after the initial release of the Density compressor plug-in there where lots of discussions in the forums on how to improve some workflow issues and especially the channel routing pad. The latter wasn’t actually that hard to implement but surprisingly it utterly failed in another usability test afterwards. But that was actually just the beginning of the whole mess. As mentioned earlier here I came up a while later in summer 2008 with three different prototypes each of them featuring a whole different approach concerning workflow and mainly the overall handling of stereo and mid/side operation. While working with them I wasn’t 100% convinced and so they did not made it into a beta testbed but straight into the dumpster.

This year I wiped the slate clean again and re-considered the focus and overall design goal of what the mkII version should be and fulfill which then basically turned out to be:

  • true stereo resp. mid/side operation
  • workflow simplicity
  • best of breed: combining proven concepts with modern approaches
  • overall readability

and beside that some other aims concerning DSP, sonic qualities and GUI of course (not talking about that here). At the end of the day there appeared a usage concept which does not have that much in common with the initial release anymore but: me is 200% convinced now (and some others as well)!

The major cornerstones of the new concept are:

  • dual channel layout with three operation modes: L/R, STEREO (left/right with linked controls) and M/S; this replaces the mixer pad and there is also no serial mode anymore
  • the RATIO control has disappeared since the core is now working with a new developed variable transfer curve
  • TIMING has been simplified and is available now via six fixed program modes (similar to the Fairchild design)
  • as so much folks had requested there is now a variable LINK dial and external sidechain as well
  • there is one single switchable sidechain filter specially and new designed for the mkII
  • both, limiting and compression mode is offered now
  • the metering is way improved and available per channel
  • also per channel there is dynamic range control available now

At first I was a little bit sceptic about the benefits of the range control but at the end it turned out to be a real killer feature when working in (true dual channel) M/S mode: Balancing mid/side compression is usually more sophisticated and sometimes difficult to dial in and that’s where the range control really helps to speed things up.


  1. Sounds like you have your hand full with this one Boosty, so when do you envisage this to be ready for world?

    Gui is another awesome looking one, looks like a piece of hardware….brill!

  2. I never digged into Density cause i found it difficult to work with. Everything you put about MKII makes sense so..another junkie waiting..

  3. THAT is interesting =) ! As always.

    So you changed the name from Density mkII to “DENSITY 2” ?

    (As it’s written on the GUI.)

  4. Major Edition says:

    I’m hooked already. I’m so eager to try Density MKII as my new mix bus compressor. The features it has sound amazing.

  5. sunny_j says:

    does it still have that transf. saturation mode?

    • there is now some implicit saturation going on in the gain control processor and so I’ve left that explicit one out. I’ll give a short overview on the audio improvements here as well (later) …

  6. already the density 1 was and is massive!!!

    can’t wait for this 2Β° version (and also for the tessla multiband :P)

    i use all you plug and its always sounds great!

    You are the one!


  7. susiwong says:

    “workflow simplicity
    best of breed: combining proven concepts with modern approaches”
    besides the sound which obviously is the biggest priority and Patrick’s nice GUIs (which are somehow connected to workflow) this holds true for all your plugins, so Density Mk II will fulfill these goals nicely, I’m sure.
    Very much looking forward to this one !

  8. I use Density in mastering more than mixing. The MS/LR mixpad, analog modeling, and wet/dry features makes it one of the most flexible great sounding glue compressors available. I like it cause it sounds analog but has a sound of it’s own that sounds pro. The features added in MKII are just unbelievable and will make mastering even more fun for me. Thanks in advance Boots!

  9. Herbert! Dude! I could have told you how useful the GR Range control is!!
    In fact, I was surprised when I bought Algorithmix’ LPSplitComp that it doesn’t have that function!

  10. sunny_j says:

    when is it going to be released?
    can u atleast post its full picture? i’m dying to see it

  11. NO PLEASE, NO MORE PICS OR INFO…it will just drive me mad again waiting for it and drooling round the mouth. Better not say a word till the day before its release.
    That way, I can handle it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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  3. […] deeper in the space than the lead. The master channel received my favorite 2-bus compressor, the Density Mk II. Then the aforementioned JB Ferox tape saturation plug, and then Sonar’s Boost 11 limiter to […]

  4. […] Density mkII – reworking the usageΒ concept […]

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