NastyVCS – I can has dynamics

NastyVCS - compression controlThe upcoming NastyVCS virtual console strip VST plug-in will feature three pristine and complementary tools to shape the audio dynamics. This allows a vast variety of different dynamic treatments and here is a very first and brief overview:

saturation galore

NastyVCS will offer a dedicated input stage which allows simple input gain control but features crunchy “pre-amp” saturation as well. The amount can be dialed in to taste and allows very first peak treatments ranging from subtle to nasty (sic!). Combining the saturation option with the inbuilt phase alignment tool opens up yet another dimension regarding audio signal coloring (but I will cover that somewhere else in detail).

The input saturation is a good alternative or complement when limiting is not enough or the right thing. For example on difficult to handle bass tracks the input stage can do wonders the limiter can’t. Finally, the combo of both can be a real killer in some mixing situations.

finest compression, opto style

PhotoresistorThe heart of NastyVCS is the entirely new build opto-electric style compression unit. As already written in the articlethe beauty of opto-electrical compression this type of  circuit designs do have a significant and highly program dependent behaviour and this is mainly due to adaptive release time characteristics,  the typical compression transfer curves and the overall frequency dependency and non-linearities. Result: smoothness even on difficult to handle audio material.

Of course, the NastyVCS compressor features external sidechain and two dedicated filters can be used in either the audio path or in the compressors sidechain (whether being internal or external). Routing wise, the compressor can be switched upfront or behind the equalizer section.

Major efforts has been spent on designing the specific attack and release time characteristics which are available as fixed programs: three programs for setting the attack and five for release time behaviour. Those programs cover a really useful range from faster to slower timings but since everything acts program dependent no precise timing is specified.

This compressor maintains punch in almost every situation and you can’t do that much wrong with it – it’s simply a stellar but easy to use mixing comp.

to limit or not to limit …

… or in between – this is your choice with NastyVCS. Placed right to the end of the signal path, the limiter gives the final transient control and can smoothly dialed in from zero to 100%.  Set to 100% it works as a true and accurate brickwall safety limiter to prevent peaks to go further above 0dBfs.

As with each and every other NastyVCS option, the limiter does not need any lookahead information as well and so even limiting is available for hassle free tracking and mixing and without any additional latencies. Two timing options can be selected and altogether this makes it an ideal complement to the compressor to finally manage some audio transient information.

combinación, por favor

NastyVCS really shines when all the three dynamic tools are properly combined. Condense the dynamics in some small amounts right in the input stage, apply some smooth compression without affecting the punch/transients and then let the limiter eat some peaks at the output. Voilà, dynamics management mission accomplished!

NastyVCS offers almost everything you need to shape your channels dynamics and I’m really proud to bring the beloved “nasty” signal coloration series onto the next level with this (upcoming) release.


  1. oh!!! anxiety is killing me!!!
    Por favor Pronto!!! XD

  2. dickiefunk says:

    Wow can’t wait!!!

  3. Absolutely fabulous

  4. very cool!

  5. kingocounty says:

    Man, it’s like I’m five years old and it’s ten days until Xmas!

  6. Sounds expensive.
    My fav plug vsd adds that ‘expensive’ shine to mixes.
    Look forward to vcs

  7. you promise is not going to sound like all the rest dull digital plugin compressors??

  8. I almost always put FerricTDS everywhere I want some simple and effective compression, it’s a real no brainer.

    Please don’t release NastVCS it will be now too hard to choose between all your plugins.

    naaa, kidding :p

  9. Killer. And this way you put simple, full of sense info and tips..makes it so desirable. You fucking rock!

  10. Looks great!!

    question: has a anti-alias to reduce the inharmonics on fast att/rel?

    • that’s not aliasing, as it isn’t capable to alter gain after than the sampling rate. however, it can still create harmonics.

      i bet i can answer this one for Herbert. YES OF COURSE it has proper filtering on the control signals to prevent this. 🙂

  11. I can’t say for sure, since I haven’t tried it yet, but I suspect that you have outdone yourself! I am very much looking forward to taking this for a spin when you release.

  12. Jazzy Pidjay says:

    Oh… 8-0

    I’m speechless

  13. Mhm … Opto Compressing you say ? Taking Eversmeier`s throne your intention is ?
    So begun the Opto clone war has !


  14. Dear Mr. Yoda,
    I’ve turned to the nasty side of the force.
    Is this a bad thing?

    • Eytan Mich says:

      I’ve been waiting for you, A/B-one-knobi.
      We meet again at last !

      I find your lack of faith disturbing…

      You don’t know the power of the dark side…

      Today will be a day long remembered.
      It has seen the death of Knobi, and soon the fall of the plugin rebellion

      Bootsy…. I am your father !!!


      Dark Fader


      • Bootsy…. I am your father !!!



        • join me, and we can compress the emperor, and saturate the galaxy.

          whoops, that sounds kinda bad.

        • Eytan Mich says:

          Don’t you “NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” me !

          It’s official now, so sit down and do your homework (that
          is : find out why too many Ferrics kill Cubase) by the
          time I’m back from work (killing Yoda… yada yada) And don’t forget to brush your teeth !!!

          😀 😀 😀

    • Belonging to the nasty side a bad thing is not ! But uncertain the future is. Numerous the plugins of the naff side are. That trained you have i hope.
      With you the force may be.

  15. I’m itching here…

  16. wesleman says:

    I find myself plugging this plug to everyone I know (even non-musicians) and it’s not even available yet!

  17. I am really looking forward to trying out the Nasty VCS. As it stands right now I am using the UAD VCS for snare and kick drums. I would be very interested in comparing the two. Your BootEQ mk 2, Ferric TDS and Epic Verb are some of my favorite plugs and use them all the time. Thanks Bootsie ever so much!

  18. The tension is falling to the crest.

    When, did you say? 😉

  19. EnanoGarrison says:

    If all men were like Bootsy, we would be living in a perfect communist society. Maybe one day all human creatures will be glad to work for free and for the benefit of others. That day we are all going to be rich.

    People like Bootsy (or people who help in Haiti or Africa), make me feel embarassed for being so selfish and caring only about my ass.

  20. I have a couple of requests that really would set this apart and force me to use it, which I would love.

    First is HP/LP filters. I find these absolutely critical. Even just a switch on the treble and bass controls to turn them into HP/LP.

    Second is a noise gate. Even a simple one would be better than nothing, but threshold and release controls would be fantastic.

    I can’t wait to check this thing out!

  21. Any word on this? updates? when do you recon it will be ready for smashing our tracks?

  22. Eytan Mich says:

    I guess it won’t be on spring… more like beginning of summing… umm… summer 🙂

    • hello2010 says:

      To be trite, good things come to those who wait. I’m sure that Bootsy only wants his “baby” to be healthy and strong before he unleashes it upon the general public.

      Me? I’m as happy as a pig in ‘you-know-what’ to continue using his NastyCS in almost all of my projects. That one is easily as good as a channel strip as any which I have ever used.

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