traveling light

traveling light

As always in life, focussing on the essential is the key. This time, featuring:

  • headphones – AKG K 240 DF cans
  • eye wear – shades by Ermenegildo Zegna
  • camera lense – vintage Leitz Summarit 1:1.5, 50mm

I’ve really enjoyed my travel!


  1. K 240 DF is hard to find these days… I am another happy owner. 😉 They’re not perfect, but that’s actually their strong point, in my opinion. When you have great monitors, they come in handy for lots of things. As far as the shades go, I use a pair of shades I bought on the local open market for like 10E, but as far as camera go, I’ve got a nice old Leica… 😉 still makes superb photos, but I only use it on special occasions.

  2. I try to reduce my “needs” too…not only travel 😉
    Travel : my bridge FZ35, OLYMPUS A-LIFE SIZE MACRO (a gem), B&W Pola and MP3 player,folding AKG headphone.
    I sold my K240 a long time ago (not DF, BTW)

  3. I hope you travel not alone 😉

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