which Rescue version are you using?

To the users of the Rescue plug-in: Which version are you using – the standard or the AE one?


  1. AE…

  2. klankbaan says:


  3. Both!

  4. standard. But as of late i put FerricTDS right behind it, and man it can do some awesome things to vocals.

  5. here there is more usage of the standard, with analog off, mostly. They seem pretty different, although i cannot put it in words.

  6. AE
    preguntas eso por que estas preparando una nueva versión? 🙂

  7. questions so that you are preparing a new version?

  8. Short answer: AE. Long answer: I was using AE in a 4-band arrangement, but my friend Leif and I ended up making Undo™ which has transparent psycho-acoustic dynamics regeneration, after a mathematically perfect declipper. It basically removes the loudness war in realtime. =) It’s now in several of the top broadcast audio processor boxed for radio and TV, and coming soon in some consumer level products. Anyways, Herbert, the idea started with Rescue being what it is, a great tool for the studio, so thanks for some inspiration.

  9. AE all the way !

  10. 80% AE / 20% standard

  11. AE mainly

  12. AE. I use it mostly on the drumbus to get a bigger sound, sometimes after autopans on a Rhodes and somtimes on the sum (very carefully just to get a subtle widening).

  13. Standard(analog on)….. it lives on my mix buss. I’ve played around with the AE, but for some reason I always end up going with the Standard. The AE is great, I just got attached to the Standard early on.
    and thank you again for creating it ;:-)

  14. AE

  15. AE version as I like having the limiter to crank things up when necessary

  16. Fetching Skulls says:

    Both, just depends on the project.

  17. standard most of the times.

  18. congrats u did it again …..

  19. AE here..

  20. I used to use standard primarily… then switched to AE specifically for the limiter. I like the sound of the standard better though… it seems to do more “rescuing”

  21. AE on every drum buss! A must have!!

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