announcing Thrillseeker VBL – Vintage Broadcast Limiter

Bringing mojo back – Thrillseeker VBL is an emulation of a “vintage broadcast limiter” following the classic Variable-Mu design principles from the early 1950’s. They were used to prevent audio overshoots by managing sudden signals changes. From today’s perspective, and compared to brickwall limiters, they are rather slow and should be seen as more of a gain structure leveler, but they still are shining when it comes to perform gain riding in a very musical fashion – they have warmth and mojo written all over.

Thrillseeker VBL is a “modded” version, which not only has the classic gain reduction controls but also grants detailed access to the amount and appearance of harmonic tube amplifier distortion occurring in the analog tube circuit. Applied in subtle doses, this dials in that analog magic we often miss when working in the digital domain, but you can also overdrive the circuit to have more obvious but still musical sounding harmonic distortion (and according side-effects) for use as a creative effect.

On top, Thrillseeker VBL offers an incredibly authentic audio transformer simulation which not only models the typical low-end harmonic distortion but also all the frequency and load dependent subtleties occurring in a transformer coupled tube circuit, and which add up to that typical mojo we know from the analog classics. This would not have been possible with plain waveshaping techniques but has been realized with my innovative Stateful Saturation approach, making it possible to model circuits having a (short) sort of memory.

Release date is not yet confirmed but most probably will be in May this year.


  1. cant wait !!

  2. Excited! Start counting days!
    Thanks millions times for your generosity – the more i use your plugins the more I understand how deep your thoughts and perception of music are.

  3. fwsuperhero says:

    What I think? GREAT news, good freeware limiters are rare (btw. if you are looking for great free brickwall limiter i ve been recently very surprised by maxwell smart) and because we all know what you did with density i a believe it will be big.

  4. Hellskitchen says:

    yep! coooool!

  5. groovy!

  6. Very, very excited 😀 Thank you!

  7. This is insane!!!! CAN’T WAIT!!

  8. Yeah!

  9. And the Oscar goes to ….Thrillseeker VBL

  10. you are a genius!, period!.

  11. yeah. I’m so hooked with your plugins. I’m mixing an album almost fully on varietyofsound plugs. gonna send you the results if you want to 🙂 Thanks a lot. Especially the nastydla…lovin’ it.

  12. So after an ‘1176’ now also an ‘LA-2A’?
    How cool is that…
    Looking forward to it.

  13. Andreas Ritchie says:

    We need all your plugs crossplatform! They’re too good not have available on zee Mac:)

  14. Great News! Thanks, Bootsie.

  15. “audio transformer signal path simulation” (^ ^)b

  16. You truly are a plug-in GENIUS! I use the Thrillseeker LA just about everyday! All your plugs are incredible! Thanks in advance for another.

  17. Okay, you got me again 🙂 Niiiice, Can´t wait as always (8-D

  18. This would be very interesting indeed. Looking forward to it.. All the best.

  19. Gregory Galfo says:

    OMG… I’m going wildly crazy with anticipation over this!!! Just what we need! Gregory Galfo – Producer Engineer – Anvil Records

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  21. Kevin In Choconut Center says:

    Waiting patiently, because if this turns out to be as good as I think it will, the wait will be worthwhile.

  22. recursively burning bear says:

    bootsie, we love you:)

  23. GoDawg1023 says:

    Any further update?

  24. openplanrecording says:

    Exciting cant wait!!…. I would really love to to see a transformer coupled tube preamp emulation with the ability to switch the tube between fixed and self Bias as these are two useful and distinct tube circuit behaviors which have a major impact on the sound. I have noticed this when building tube microphone circuits with exactly the same components but implementing the two different Biasing techniques, just like the AKG c12 And the ELA 251 which share many components in common but sound way different!


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