‘epicVerb’ 1.0 released

As of now the “epicVerb” digital reverberation simulator (version 1.0) is released under freeware license and a copy is ready to download for you. Release info and download locations are maintained in the sticky “latest versions / downloads” post. Please read and accept the enduser license agreement before downloading and installing.


  1. bluelight says:


    Looking forward to trying this out tomorrow!

  2. Dear Bootsie,

    Thank you very much for all of your work which you have generously contributed to the VST community. I recently needed to clean up the low end on a mixed track and I found that nothing did the job better than NastyLF. It easily and efficiently cleaned out the mud and made the bottom end sound much clearer. Great stuff and a very sexy gui. Best wishes to you and your family for a 2009 filled with peace, joy and good health.

  3. Hi bootsie,
    someone’s got to start, I guess. 🙂
    The quality of the plugins speaks louder than words, check for yourself, folks, and have fun.
    Not quite as obvious at first glance however and thus worthy of a mention is bootsie’s absolute dedication to quality, humour and friendly way of treating people.
    Thanks for a very nice time during the tests, I’ll be there whenever you call.
    Thanks a million,

  4. Ah yes,

    now that it’s released I’m officially allowed to drool over it!
    This reverb is hot. It is a perfect addition to my reverb folder. These days are good. Getting such a good reverb for free? Come on, others have this kinda quality going for serious money. Thanx a lot, bootsie!

  5. Wow. This is… beautiful. Your plugins are always amazing and somehow you’ve managed to go beyond amazing with this. My thanks, good sir, for all your hard work and for sharing it freely as you do. They’re not just useful tools you’ve given us but inspiring tools, and I’m really going to love getting to use this. Thanks again, so much!

  6. Thanks for EpicVerb! It’s fantastic! 🙂

  7. Great job Herbert, how generous to release this as freeware.

  8. shanecgriffo says:

    thank you, thank you, thank you ..etc etc… 🙂

  9. Bootsy, you’re a good man.

  10. The processor is Athlon XP 1800+ to be exact. (overclock)

    I can see that you are using SSE:
    “SSE and Assembler optimized sound engine”

    However if you are using the SSE2. This type of processors does not support the instruction.

    A non SSE2 version would be nice 🙂 Anyway….if thats what causing the crash.
    Hope that helps.


    • varosound says:

      I’m already digging into it. Of course eV is SSE2 optimized but the SSE should be included as well.
      stay tuned,

  11. you’ll be on the thanks to list on my new releases 🙂

    a wonderful hall !

  12. well on first evaluation trial I find this awesome Bootsy, It really is an EPIC verb! Congratulations you really are a talented man who will go down in history. Thank you so much for this release which I consider the best of the best!

  13. bluelight says:

    Tried it now and it is absolutley great as are all your other plugins.
    The presets display its competence very well.

  14. I’m just discovering your plug-ins and eV / BootEQ and Density are really of great interest. beautiful work and “legacy” style of sound.

    Thank you

  15. Ein dickes Dankeschön auch von mir für deine Plugins und zu guter letzt speziell für EpicVerb! Man kann nur den Hut vor dir ziehen, sowohl für die brilliante technische Leistung als auch dafür, dass es als Geschenk für die Menschheit daherkommt! 🙂

  16. Just saw the announcement on KVR! Congrats on the release of an excellent free verb!

  17. Any Idea when a non SSE2 version may be available or an update dealing with the issue. My mouth is watering to get at this reverb. Thanks.

  18. Bootstrapped says:

    I just downloaded the Free Download of Epic Verb. I must comment that i love the user interface and feature set. Very classy and responsive to use. I have only had a short time to audition some of the preset reverbs but so far i am very impressed with the level of quality. You are on the right path.

    congratulations on a great release.

  19. Bootsypwns says:

    Many thanks for epicVerb, Bootsy, it’s wayyyy better than all the other plugin reverbs I’ve tried. Just a few quick tweaks and it’s there, every time. Legend!

    Does anyone want to buy my TC Fireworx?

  20. Although I’m tired of new reverbs through the years and never thought that any other reverb will survive in my Reverb VST folder beside my favourite big boys, you came out with epicVerb.
    Man, how I love this ER section, Ambience mode and MS processing. It’s a really unique and very good sounding reverb which blows some of the expensive commercial reverbs away with one breath.
    Thanks very much for this freebie.
    I wish you a good year 2009 and all the best for the future.
    Leini Live

  21. Fantastic & unique reverb plugin. Great work bootsy!

  22. Thanks for that great PLUG! I love it, i have postet a short story in german on my blog: http://www.buenasideas.de

  23. varosound says:

    I have just added a post to the AMD Athlon issues – so if you use such a system please read that before.
    stay tuned on that!

  24. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! this is an excellent reverb, it’s fantastic that you have made it free.

  25. congratulations & thanx so much for this beauty …

    may PEACE & BLISS be with you & your loved ones …

  26. Thanks for this freeware. Best regards from Paris, FRANCE.

  27. Bronto Scorpio says:

    This is amazing. I can’t believe it. I’ve tried many reverbs (payware and freeware) but this one is has the sweet, warm sound I was looking for. And it’s so easy to control. Thank you very mutch bootsie!

    And please excuse my bad english ^^


  28. I honestly do not really no what else to say but thank you Bootsy for each of your VST Plug-Ins. The new(ish) site looks good and the new(ish) plug-Ins sound as good as they look as per-usual man.

    Sorry i ain’t got any bugs reports or any area’s i think could be improved because everything is working smoothly and each plug-in does what it says on the tin (and more!) Plus all of the plug-ins also wrap no problems via ‘FXpansion’s VST To RTAS Adapter v2.1’ and work smoothly inside of ‘Digidesign’s Pro Tools M-Powered & LE’ FWIW

    Again thanks and looking forward to whatever else you may have up your sleave 😉


  29. I was looking for a reverb to use with Pianoteq and someone suggested epicVerb. I am *extremely* impressed with epicVerb – thankyou so much!


  30. This is the most awesome reverb you can get FOR FREE!! Incredible!

    Thanks so much!


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