Density mkII – release date

Houston, we have a release date! The release of the Density mkII VST plug-in is now scheduled to end of this month. More specs and details will appear here during the next days or so – stay tuned. If you tend to react allergic concerning teasers better stay away a while from here 😉


  1. Major Edition says:

    Congrats Bootsy. You amaze me everytime. You are awesome.

  2. FINALLY! Some awesome news. Looking forward to it.

  3. Jetzt haben wir es schriftlich ! Nun gibt es kein Zurück mehr !

    beste Grüße

  4. Yes I do have allergic reactions to your news and waiting for your releases Bootsy, but how the hell do you expect me to keep away now???? :-):-):-)

    Looking forward to this with great anticipation…I guess I will just have to find something to do to keep myself occupied till it arrives huh.

    Keep up the brilliant work my friend.

    • The spirit of Density MKII says:

      Ha33y, you could dig a hole and stick your head in it just so you don’t keep checking Variety of Sound’s web page in anticipation of the Density MKII release date. It will keep you busy.

      No, I’m just kidding, disregard that. . . . . LOL.

      May be you can start a new mixing session or something to keep you busy and keep your mind of Density MKII. Hope that helps.


      The spirit of Density MKII.

  5. YES! Looking forward to this one. Density is my goto compressor and I’m waiting with joy for the new version! 🙂


  6. Gr8 news!

    Been using Bootmk2 and the nasty series on our latest project with nice results:


  7. i’m completely covered by some red little points.. react allergic in big actionnnnnnnnnnnnn 😀

  8. Bootsyndrome here as well…

    BTW 18th is more than half a month no? So we are already at the end of the month, right? 🙂

  9. manducator says:

    Hello Bootsy,

    I guess that the Density mk2 will have other algorithms than the first version. Does this mean that it can co-exist with the first version or will the mk2 replace the first version?

  10. They do have separate name and Plug-In ID so they can reside side-by-side in your Plug-In folder. However, there won’t be any support or so for the old version.

  11. So when can we expect to see this plugin Bootsy? “End of the month” is upon us.

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