Density mkII 2.0.1 maintenance release available

The 2.0.1 maintenance release for Density mkII is out now.

Density mk II

Density mkII 2.0.1

This maintenance release covers two bugfixes:

  • sudden CPU spiking on some system configurations is fixed now
  • the Plug-In is loading properly into Wavelab now

There is still an issue with older SSE (SSE1) compatible systems where a fix is already in the making but not yet stable and it is unclear when this will finally been done. Therefore some older machines are still not supported for the moment with this Plug-In release.

The free download for PC (SSE2 type CPU) and VST compatible systems is available via the download tab at the top of the page or just click here instead and please acceppt the end-user license agreement.


  1. Ah finally! Thank you Bootsy! Now I got a buss compressor I’m sure to use on EVERY mixer track. Lol!

  2. kingocounty says:

    I love Bootsy’s plugins but unfortunately all the “new” ones make my system very unstable, causing crashes (closes instantaneously) at random times, though usually when I’m trying to open a new project in Reaper. There are no warnings before the crash and there’s no log of it within Windows.

    I’m not sure if it’s conflicting with any other plugs but I’ve tried removing everything other than the standard Reaper bundle. I’m curious if anyone else has experienced this as I’d love to find the problem. I don’t mind paying for plugins but I can’t find any that sound as good! Any help/advice would be great!

    I’m running Reaper with XP (32-bit) on a dual-core AMD Turion. Thanks in advance for any help. And thanks again to Bootsy for the great software!

  3. I have dual-core AMD Turion.

    Some months ago I had crashes with Bootsy-plugs, especially with Density mkI-version IIRC.

    Also some other Bootsy-plugs caused unstability.

    I don’t know if it’s Reaper progress or something else, now I feel really safe with Bootsy plugs. And Density mkII is one hell of a compressor!

  4. kingocounty says:

    I did a little digging and it sounds like it’s a problem between synthmaker and the Reaper GUI; I found some discussion on it but it’s way over my head. I thought I’d post the link in case it makes for interesting reading for Bootsy.

  5. We’ve already discussed that kind of problems in the developer forum there:
    I hope a next compiler version improves the overall stability again.

  6. kingocounty says:

    Thanks Bootsy, I’ll just have to be patient, then!

  7. Richard Dignan says:

    I use Sawstudio, and especially like the results I get with your plug-ins. With the exception of some minor setting-memory issues they have all worked, but not Density MkII. It loads OK, and can be in the line if FX is off on the channel, but not with just the plug-in turned off. The program shuts down if any signal is run through it, sometimes with an error message and sometimes not. I’m running on a 3.0 Core 2 Duo processor.

  8. Hey man,

    thank you for the density mkII!
    I use it every day in my latest productions and think it sounds more accurate and smoother than much big firmed plugins you have to pay for. 🙂

    They are only 2 little things i would have in future
    1. i wish me an negative ratio and/or expander mode
    2. i wish me a switch for the VU to see the signal level after make up gain. so i can use him as the latest plugin in my suite

    and btw, hehe:
    for the boot eq it will be nice to have a
    1. more range for the lowcut(which db/okt he use in effect?) to the lower-end like 30hz and/or 20hz
    2. same like point two for density(vu meter switch)

    so far, great plugins man!

    greetings from berlin,


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