Rebuilding my Studio

Everything is finished, it just has to be done
– Andreas Pflüger

So, since some 5 years or so I did not had the time and room to make any music at all but at the end I’ve missed it so much that I finally decided to restart all over again and finally rebuild my studio. During my very last attempts in creating music I got stuck somehow inbetween all those endless digital options and just looping stuff in Ableton on my laptop but never managed to get things finished anymore – some of you might know this kind of desease? Anyhow, I decided to setup a small studio production environment like I once had before those laptop times and where I was a little bit more productive, if memory serves me right.

Not a huge setup at all but a small desktop centric approach at home with some few but well selected outboard gear which not only inspires but also invites to perform, record and collaborate whole tracks in a fun way. Luckily, some outboard gear was carefully archived here in my basement but others I do not have anymore, e.g. a real mixing desk. But hey, there is so much cool stuff out there today to consider and to choose from!

Such new setup raises a lot of questions of course concerning workflow and where to better rely on ITB or OTB plus the usual digital versus analog considerations. This time it was clear for me to have best of both worlds right from the start. Gaining advantage from DAW based sequencing, mixing and mastering – speaking in terms of precision, affordability and total recall – but also the fun and hands-on experience just real outboard gear can give you and I’m not talking about cheap plastic controllers here (don’t get me started on that one).

For the DAW itself I just reactivated my rather aged PC based workstation which complained to need some hundred or so updates but then afterwards actually performed quite smoothly again. The whole installation is much more lean now and I did not included all that sh*tload of huge sample libraries just as an example. For the time being, I can live with its constraints and can focus on other and more important stuff now. Also, there won’t be a mixing desk anymore and I just added some more converters to my old but trusty RME card via ADAT. Nice to see the old standards still working flawless. Now the fun part begins: connecting all the stuff.

To be continued.


  1. All the best Bootsy.. Cheers man…

  2. Leon Adams Music says:

    Good to see that your back. A welcome return.

  3. I’m in a similar situation and I started from scratch again on a 10 years old laptop. I remembered that in my most productive phase, I’ve been using Orion Platinum so I installed it again. Luckily it made its way to x64 world so I can still use most recent plugins.
    I picked a few really good sample libs, mainly acoustic and electromechanical/drums/bass/guitars plus very few softsynths that I know how to use. Some outboard gear too just for the inspiration.
    Good sounds are super important to me, they keep me going.

    Above all, I’ve found it to be the most important that I don’t get lost in tech but always keep the focus on the music. Reduction to the bare minimum of what’s necessary to compose is about to prove more important than I thought.

    Enjoy your journey!

  4. Leon Adams Music says:

    Good to see that you’re back. A welcome return.

  5. Wow! Great to hear this and a real inspiration to those of us who got caught up in the day to day and longed for having a little setup to express themselves again.

    I loved your VoS plug-ins so much I dropped some dough on VEPro so I could have them at my side – plus some other lovely plugins… SQL8 anyone? 🙂 However, when was the last time I booted up that networked VEPro PC (answers on a postcard).

    Looking forward to hearing what you get up to.

    Will you be doing more VoS DSP action?

    Anyway, greetings from Scotland.

  6. Dear, it is a great joy to see activity here again. You are certainly the best developer that I have met in all these years. I don’t know if this “rebuild” will involve new plugin developments, but that would be the best news in recent times.
    Anyway, best of luck and a huge thank you, because every day I use your plugins and they never cease to amaze me with their great quality. Cheers!

    (Sorry for my poor English, I’m from Argentina.)

  7. nico from bigtone says:

    hey herbert,
    good to see you back – been a long time you have been too quiet! 🙂
    now – as it _will_ come up anyway (i can guarantee you that one ;)) – it might as well be me who is asking (read _begging_):
    will you please bring your plugins to x64? some stuff you did just isn’t interchangable in any way (such as f.e. thrillseeker vbl or nasty vcs). i have them converted via jbridge, but in studio one these are a bit unstable due to the bridging…
    what do you say?

    warm greetings from stuttgart,
    nico from bigtone

  8. Mihai Sorohan says:

    Congrats! If you need some trumpets or trombones, or even some (more or less) mediocre guitars, feel free to just ask me. Maybe having some new sounds specifically recorded for you would help getting over the writer’s block?
    Thanks for all the free plugins you made.

  9. Many thanks for all your warm welcome back already!

  10. Great, congratulations and welcome back!
    Is there any hope to see your wonderful plugins ported to native 64 bits?

  11. Javier Ramallo says:

    You deserve it.

  12. I was waiting for any kind of update from your blog for a long time! Enjoy your new setup!

  13. It is nice to hear from you again, welcome back! I’m struggling with the same disease (can we call it option paralysis?), simplifying my studio was also the first step for me. It is not Ableton’s fault but, that endless possibilities of customizing racks etc. “to improve my workflow” totally killed my creativity. Best of luck for your recovery!

  14. Hello, nice to see you back on track. I was a huge fan of your plug ins back in the day, and now that i’m also restarting to make some music, with new pc, 64bits OS and cubase put your plug ins in the black list (oh no!). Will you work on 64bits version of your vst plug ins someday ? thanks a lot

  15. Good to see you again, good luck with setting up the studio! 6 months ago I also re-assembled my space, also with my old 2010 pc. It is difficult to minimize the number of plugins, but those of VoS are unavoidable !!! I hope they give long life to the 32bit support to continue enjoying your vst’s. greetings from Argentina!!!

  16. Hi! I can only chime in with the others: great to see you back again. As always with that cool mix between technical insight and creativity/emotional notes!
    BTW: nice photo skills, you might not by chance have a blog covering photography *wink* 🙂
    All the best,

  17. Happy to see you back! I still use some of the old Variety of Sound plugins on mixes to this day.

  18. Hey Andreas… That is Great. Please share your setup with us! That will be interesting and your fans will be able to give you help and feedback too

  19. Bünyamin says:

    Hey Andreas, lots of people have already asked this and on my research regarding any mac OS compatibility for thrillseeker VBL i stumbled upon many others that frown upon the loss of this piece of art due to lack of compatibility. I would pay up to 50 € for that and i think many others would do too, if the money is an issue. I really hope with all my heart that someday, you may decide to give that a go. Alltime favorite plugin. Im broken inside, for its loss :((
    But anyway.. Im happy to hear, that you started making music again. Lots of love from Remscheid (germany)

  20. Pablinimaxd says:

    As a developer and designer of plugins I am really stocked about yours, but I am not a Windows guy (just for testing) would love see someday an OS X version of these, cheers!

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