A brief update on the future of VoS plugins

First of all: I hear you!

While receiving so many questions and requests on this topic on all the different channels these days a brief update here seems to be overdue.

Plugin downloads might be online again as soon as I manage to find a decent free cloud space to offer hassle-free downloads without any traffic/bandwidth limits (or advertising). Hints appreciated.

There are no plans to make them payware.

Some of my plugin designs needs to be revised to assure that they will stand the test of time for yet another decade 🙂 and this means also that they are going to support 64bit of course.

With some selected VoS plugins, there will be a 64bit public beta which is planned to be held this July. I hope you’ll gonna join.

The story continues, stay tuned!



  1. What a great news!!! is the best news in the free world in a long time !!! We will be there to test them and provide feedback !!! thanks total !!!

  2. Excellent news. Thank you so very much for all your efforts over the years and I look forward to working with your brilliant plugins again.

  3. Kresimir Petar Pusticki says:


  4. Michael says:

    aaahhhh what a balsam for my / our sore back and ears ! Of course We are going to do anything you need and want, just to keep you in audio society and business ! All the best Herbert ! What a great news, Man !

  5. Bthelick says:

    I’m hella down for 64bit! no-one has beat your delay to this day

  6. heavymetalmixer says:

    Wow, Tbh I didn’t expect that, but you bet that many engineers including me are really happy to hear it!

  7. Petemus says:

    Is it Christmas already? 😂 Will DEFINITELY be using them again as 64-bit plugs! Will also take part in beta testing, if possible,

  8. This is a dream come true! Thank you!!!

  9. This is the best news since… ever? So eager to see what comes!

  10. All the best mate. Best regards.

  11. nicolas herz says:

    hi herbert,
    this is absolutely great news – thanks for deciding to port them to x64. i still use nasty vcs _always_, on almost every track – it sounds absolutely phenomenal.

    warm greatings from stuttfart,
    – nico, bigtone sounddesign

  12. I’m so up for the beta it’s not funny! 🤩

    I honestly didn’t think you would entertain the idea of x64 versions (although I didn’t pester you, I secretly hoped you would 😂).
    They are just such musical plugins! 👏

    Hope you’re new studio is going well.

    Lots of love from Scotland. 🙏

  13. Concrete 3vidence says:

    Oh great! I hope baxter is one of those! NastyDLA is pretty irreplacable too.

  14. Great news, I can’t do what I do without Thrillseeker VBL on drums. Never heard anything that can touch your saturation algorithm.

  15. psychasm says:

    Google drive . And box.com

  16. Omg, that’s awesome to hear! I still use your old 32 bit plugins everyday on REAPER!
    Never had any issues and for me they are just perfect the way they are, but having 64 bit versions and some updates would be awesome. Thank you!

  17. You might check out Mega.nz. It’s cloud storage that you can port open to share data. I believe free version is 50 GB and then they have plans above that. I opened one to backup my audio books. When I clicked on the tree to transfer some in, I imported 367 GB all at once. The data is still there, they just give me a pop up telling me I’m over my size limit. I was able to share a link with others.

    • Some ISPs/Countries, including mine, have banned Mega.nz unfortunately. So while not a bad idea, if you go that route, I hope you’ll provide an alternative for those cases. Cheers. And might I add wow. Just wow. o_o; I’d like to greek-alphabet those all the way…

  18. Noisetaker says:

    Yeaaaaaaaah 🙂

    Please not only “some selected”… the complete range 🙂
    Donation ware if needed, cause i think there many people who will pay 🙂

  19. Suggestions for “a decent free cloud space to offer hassle-free downloads without any traffic/bandwidth limits (or advertising)”:

    1-Gumroad – they allow free download, optional donation is possible.
    2-Sellfy – they allow free download, optional donation is possible.
    4-KVR Audio (it has many plugins hosted on its server. I’m sure they will be more than happy to host VoS plugins on their server due to its popularity)
    5-Bedroom Producers Blog-BPB-bedroomproducersblog.com (they also offer plugins to host in addition to Audio plugin news)
    6-rekkerd.org (they also offer plugins to host in addition to Audio plugin news)
    7-plugins4free.com/ (a trusted website which hosts audio plugins of all generations!)
    8-patreon.com – they allow free download, optional donation is possible.

    Hope it helps!

  20. I think that you can host binaries on GitHub as a git repo.

  21. That’s awesome news! Hope thrillseeker xtc will be in the selected ones. Thank you for all your work!

  22. Herber… I LOVE YOU!!! because… Epicverb, it’s amazing. DON’T TOUCH EPICVERB, DON’T BRAKE ANYTHING UNDER THE HOOD OF EPICVERB. And NastyVCS is the heaven for my tracks. The best bottle of TEQUILA jaliciense for you.

  23. Can’t wait Herbert!

  24. Can’t freaking wait for 64 bit!

    Dropbox burned me by capping out on a popular download recently; definitely don’t use them. Google Drive has been pretty reliable for me.

  25. Great news! I would gladly support you if necessary 🙂

  26. Yesssssssss! Eager to hear that Nasty Delay again!

  27. Amazing… great news! These plugins, and your work with TDR, is genius. Clearly, you are one of the top developers. Can’t wait to try the new updated classics!

  28. Graphicon says:

    Here I was thinking the next thing worth getting ramped about was the holiday discounts most companies offer… but this! This is a lot better… can’t wait!

  29. Ys113desu says:

    Any plans of revamping the GUI and the DSP?

  30. Sweet Lim says:

    I think you should switch to patreon so that you can do it, making a profit!!!

  31. This is great news! If epicVerb and Thrillseeker LA make teh Beta versions I’ll be very happy 🙂

  32. viceversermusic says:

    Mega.co.nz is 50gb free storage. Best you can get.

  33. Greetings Herbert and thank you for this excellent news, I still make use of all the Variety of Sound plugins because they are top-notch. All the best, cheers!

  34. this is great news, i already want to write about this on my blog website

  35. What a greeeeat news! Can’t Wait! Thx, Bootsy 🙂

  36. Paul Mahoux says:

    Fantastic !! Thank you Herbert !!

  37. I can help with Hosting, How much space do you need ?

  38. I moved over to 64 bit a number of years ago and your plugins are are the only 32 bit plugins that I’ve held onto. They are a constant within my workflow. This is very exciting news indeed and look forward to this next chapter. Thanks for your dedication and hard work. 👍

  39. Dan Kadera says:

    I’d second GitHub, but I think you can only host your binary releases there if they are builds of code that is also hosted there – so unless you plan on releasing the plugins as open source you’d probably have to pay for a private GitHub account (.. but would the releases then be public? idk lol).

    I’d also very much second Patreon – although the platform isn’t, in my opinion, very well suited for audio plugin releases (check out Analog Obsession’s Patreon – it’s a bit chaotic) – but we could all send you money! ❤️

    I’m beyond thrilled this is happening. I’m still low-key hoping for macOS versions some time in the future, but the fact that you’re returning to your fantastic plugins at all after all this time is simply amazing. Much love!

  40. Vinicius says:

    Absolutely amazing news! Your plugins are pretty much the only thing I miss from when I still used Windows machines to mix and make music.

    I honestly don’t know how hard would it be for you, or some trusted Mac dev, to port them for macOS (or even if this would be possible at all, in case you were using Windows-only tools or frameworks for plugin development or something), but I’d gladly pay to be able to use NastyDLA and Ferric once again on my Mac!

  41. Goosebumps! Thank you!!!

  42. Darling Lee says:

    That is a good news!And if them are considered to support on macOS intel 64?

  43. stamatis messinis says:

    Dear Herbert, I have not been active here, but as an amateur producer who has used and enjoyed Ferric and so many other plugins from you in the past, it is very gratifying to read about 64bit support. Very much looking forward to the beta, always grateful for your amazing work!

  44. Awesome! Looking forward to these. Will gladly beta test any/all of them.

  45. Awesome. Looking forward to the updates 🙂

  46. Prinz Acim says:

    Just amazing!!! The hottest news in 2021 😀

  47. Zippyshare? I have an ad blocker so I don’t know about the adds, but there doesn’t seem to be much blocked content on their page. The only problem that I’m aware of is that, as far as I know, they delete content that’s been inactive (no downloads) for more than two weeks.

  48. Here I was thinking the next thing worth getting ramped about was the holiday discounts most companies offer… but this! This is a lot better… can’t wait!

  49. Kip Braunstadter says:

    I just wanted to say i loved your plugins when cubase went 64 bit I had to move on… and I still miss them
    thanks for your hard work

  50. Any chance you could make AAX versions so I could run everything in Pro Tools? Have to say Rescue MKII is my favorite plugin ever

  51. Wonderful news! This is awesome! 🙂 ❤

  52. thank you so much!!! i love this plugins a lot!! it sounds much better than other flagship brands. density and ferric are caramel.

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