NastyVCS – I can has color

NastyVCS tubeSimilar to the EQ’s and filters in BootEQ mkII, NastyVCS stays on the musical (and not the surgical) side of the audio source. It is more kind of coloring toolbox (especially in the combination with the PHASE option) rather than allowing to shape audio disfigured beyond recognition. Some classic technical principles have been carefully selected and replicated and the overall combination and attention to detail makes NastyVCS stand out in the crowd of equalizers today. Given the specific curve selections you might notice its slight “old-school” attitude when mixing through NastyVCS.

To get an idea of this and the overall philosophy of NastyVCS let’s have a closer look at some of the technical designs starting with the boost/cut style equalizer. Boost/cut style equalizers are typically obtained from EQ’s working in parallel configurations and “taking advantage” of certain effects coming from their interacting phase response. In NastyVCS I do not wanted to have just a basic boost/cut EQ, I wanted to have the boost curve obtained from one of my favorite bass EQ’s (when it comes down to boost things) but the very same time to have the combined cut option which makes those classic boost/cut curves. This ended up in a way more complicated technical design which actually combines some serial and parallel filter configurations.

NastyVCS EQ plotsQuite similar, the mid frequency bell type EQ’s are separated between their amplification and attenuation behavior where the former is designed different then the latter. Not making an exception, in the filtering section the HP is implemented as a straight forward 12 or 24dB butterworth filter while the LP features a different and smoother design which avoids warping near Nyquist frequency and offers gentle high-end treatments. Last but not least the special AiR shelving EQ resembles the top end curve of a specific mastering EQ but also adds that certain and slight “dip” upfront the boost which is so well-known from another sort of (musical sounding) mixing EQ’s.

NastyVCS – the virtual console strip – will be available as freeware for PC and VST compatible hosts. The release is targeted to May 2010.


  1. Eytan Mich says:

    You can has color ??

    We can has patience !!


  2. Woohooooo! Sheduled for May 🙂 Your plugins are always the bomb and I’m very much looking forward to this one. I especially like how you have a musical idea about your effects, making them oldshool in style but still not limiting yourself to mere copies but always ading your own take on the project at hand and evolving it.

    Thank you for being you (and off course for sharing your great plugs with us as well).

  3. Awesome, looking forward this one

  4. May 2010 !!!!!

  5. Arthur says:

    C’mon, Bootsy! That anxiety is going to kill us all!
    Well, it is looking like a lot of work for combing this different techniques, so I believe that patience is sure going to be worthy!
    Just don’t take so long 😛

  6. Eric Natural says:


  7. Cool stuff. Looking forward to it. Always love a good colouring tool.


  8. Ive gnawed off all my fingers in anticipation and am typing this with my feet.

  9. Jay Key says:

    Well done !

  10. Richier says:

    When??!!!! please!! When??!!! 😀

  11. Great info, +1 for this LPF.

    How about the bells near nyquist freq?

  12. that looks very very cool

  13. psilas says:

    For anyone who is not up to NastyCS spec regarding the EQ modeling, here we go…

    1 Bass = Pultec
    2 Mid = Neve 1081
    3 High = Neve 1073

    All sound lovely together. Add an opto compressor and this is gonna be fantastic.

    • On closer inspection of the curves, it might seems more like:

      1 Bass = Pultec
      2 Mid = Manley Massive Passive (due to Wider boost / Narrower cut)
      3 High = Maag EQ4 Air Band (in manual says AIR band of ‘specific mastering EQ’)

  14. psilas says:

    Sorry for the following plug Bootsy (couldn’t help it) but Audiomidi have an ESSENTIAL ‘No Brainer’ deal on.

    IK T-Racks Classic EQ + Metering Suite…..$20 for the pair.

    A real bargain for anyone without T-Racks as both retail for $99 EACH.

    The EQ is modeled on a Calrec 8000 console from Abbey Rd studios and sounds great alongside Bootsy’s vintage sounding plugs.

    Looks like the month of May could be the best month of the year for us all.

    • Jay Key says:

      Hey man,

      Sure the T-RackS Classic EQ sounds great, but I’m sure it’s nowhere near the original Calrec 8000 sound.

      Now if they would use their lastest DSM and SCC modeling technologies used for the T-RackS Deluxe plugins, and apply them to the Calrec 8000, that would be killer !

      That said, I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more vintage mixing gear modeled from IK in the coming months as the last months have been focused on AmpliTube 3. So as it’s been released now, there are room for working on the next T-RackS processors.

  15. It’s cool that you have the time to update your blog with interesting stuff so often. It’s even cooler that this amazing plug-in is almost here 🙂

  16. d3r3luka says:

    Bootsy plugs beat many expensive solutions.
    The teorry its nice but waiting for the sound.
    Succes! 🙂

  17. I am looking forward to this one. Ill bet it is gonna be a great piece of audio tool just as all other stuff you made.

    Keep up the good work
    Im a big fan

  18. What i think, is that Bootsy SHOULD get kinda award in altruistic nomination/geek developer.

  19. Hm? I thought I’ve seen early leaked screenshots from NastyVCS where it had four EQ bands and not three?

    Did I imagine things?

  20. Gustavo Ansaldi says:

    I like the colors you choose Bootsy!
    Cant wait to try this one 😉

  21. Bootsy…it’s May already! 🙂 just letting you know in case you didn’t realize 🙂

    any word on release date?


  22. Question re “mixing through nastyvcs”. Is this intended for the master or on every channel?

  23. My guess it will be on every track in my comming projects 🙂

  24. I am currently mixing my album, shame this is not ready i would have loved to try it out on my mixes, but i am strapped for time and cannot wait any longer. 😦

  25. Wow that was a coincidence. Thanks Bootsy, just in time for my album 🙂

    Initial testing…sounds nice. Kinda reminds me of the SPL Vitalizer MK2-T similar kinda sound but the SPL is less complicated to use. Yours has many buttons (some very small and difficult to see for my eyes)- not complaining, just my observation and opinion.

    I like the layout and functions (once i learn them)

    One problem i have, (which i also have with the SPL) is that when going for that “polished” sound by adding a touch of Air and low end, my lower mids get lost and i lose the balls from the track. I love the clean sizzle top end and the lovely 40K punch but i need to still somehow retain some of my mid punch…any ideas? I know i can add some mid freq with this but it doesn’t sound the same somehow. Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Well done Bootsy and Pat, another fine product to add to your arsenal…and thank you!

  26. schoerschken says:

    Danke bootsy!

    Wie immer im Bereich Freeware allererste Sahne!

    Freue mich jedesmal, wenn was Neues kommt.


  27. wow I love your effects… the Nasty Vcs is my fav so far. Appreciate you taking the time to explain exactly how it works. I am also happy with the visual design elements..great work!

  28. I just downloaded this fine plug, and have been using it to add color with one of the summing presets on my master bus. I like it! I like it a lot. It’s got balls, and it’s got some mojo. It’s made the list of go-to plugs for me.
    Thanks again, Bootsy! And a tip o’ the hat to your Graphics Guru 😉


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