SubBerlin – Story of Tresor Club

Recently, the SubBerlin documentary re-appeared on german TV. It not only tells the story of the legendary Berlin techno club Tresor but also is a great flashback andΒ  insight into that Zeitgeist and techno culture to that time. Starting from the fall of the wall it covers all the period until it’s pull down in 2005. Some great artist (short) interviews in there as well.

It’s available on youtube but I’ve only found the german version – dunno if there is one with translation or subtitles.


  1. Old but still goooooooooooooood.
    Im feelin glad that I had the chance to play some times at the old club. The new one has nothing and of course definitly nothing to do with the old true techno club. So i think anybody has to view this nice docu about the old club and the people and artists behind it.

    greetings from berlin,


  2. Hi Bootsy,

    Glad to see you back ! The Tresor-Doku is awesome. I watched it in one “Rutsch” πŸ˜‰ ! And that means a lot, because actually i am the worlds biggest Techno-Adversary. But now i know that the music, which formed my opinion, (The Charts-Version of it) have had nothing to do with the sense of techno, which seems to be more a culture than just a music. As to be heard in this doku, its linked to these clubs and the people of Berlin. However, thanks for the link.

    Another thing: Almost all of your Plugins are perfectly bridged by the VST-Bridge of Cubase64 5.5.1, and i am realy glad about it ! The only exception unfortunately is Density II ! Maybe you can search for the difference to the other plugs in its main engine (if there is something like that). I can open it only one time, and after a few settings it crashes Cubase. All others (inkl. BootEQ 2.1) are running fine.

    Thanx a lot ! And welcome back !

  3. When i saw the first part, i had a shiver! Those peoples, this music. Those girls) Berlin(and whole Germany) is capital of electronic music. I wish i was there.

    Btw, who knows the tunes in first part?

  4. I’d love to see it with sub-titles. My german isn’t up to par with esoteric documentaries such as this. πŸ˜‰


  1. […] buildings, transforming them into seedy all-night music clubs, some of which are still operating today. This event helped ignite an already sparking dance music scene that has since flourished in Berlin […]

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